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Affordable places to hang out in the Financial District

Stretching around the mouth of the lifeblood of Singapore: the Singapore River, is the city’s Financial District. First conceived in the 1800s, the land was previously swampland and quickly rose to become a busy business hub. Today some of the major players in banking such as OCBC and City Index have offices there, and there is a thriving nightlife to help young Singaporeans relax after work.

The financial district is all walkable on foot and offers some of the most diverse and delicious bars and restaurants in Singpore. Conveniently accessible to the waterways that bring trade into the city, there are several boat related activities to keep you busy.


With a magnificent skyline, many of the bars in this area boast rooftop gardens where you can relax, unwind and watch the sunset seep into inky night and the city’s aesthetic switch gear. The most famous of which is Altitude: a bar/restaurant and club all in one with some inspired and magnificent views of Singapore.


Hidden away and trendy, kyo hosts international DJs and is a bar in the basement. Compromising on city views does add a chicness to kyo and its prices are affordable, particularly for somewhere in the heart of the finance district.


Serving delicious food with a friendly face, Sugarhall is a great place for a negroni. It focuses on relaxed eating and is comfortable and affordable. Their décor celebrates the urban and attracts hip Singaporeans.

Beer Market

With live music and an interesting concept, Beer Market is the place to be daring and try new beers, as they are priced on popularity. It’s in the middle of the finance district and acts a little like stocks and shares. Find a bargain brand new beer and set the trend for Singaporeans!

Shoebox Canteen

As the name suggests, this is a tiny canteen, which happens to serve some of the best fast food in the city. Burgers made from fresh ingredients are often on the menu, which changes every four weeks in order to keep interest up. Comfort food that will keep your pocket happy!

Wherever you go in the finance district, you can be sure you’ll enjoy the nightlife and promenading next to the river.

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