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How You Can Make Money By Playing Games On Showbox

It is pay day for gamers…and a blank check is on the table. How much do you want?

I guess you’ve been playing games just for the fun of it – now it’s time to play to earn. Showbox is actually rewarding gamers like you for playing games. You can have fun participating in the game contest, while Showbox rewards you in US dollars. It’s so simple. Let me show you exactly how it works.

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First, you’ll have to download the Showbox app on Google PlayStore. You’ll find all the games you can play to earn cash on the app and many other offers that pays. Once you have the Showbox app installed on your Android device, you’ll earn CASH POINTS just for opening the app every day and that’s just a tip of the ice berg.

Anytime you open the Showbox app, check the bottom of the app, you’ll see Offers, More Offers, and Game Contests. Check these three tabs, they contain lots of opportunities for earning dollars. Sometimes all you have to do to earn money is watch a video, share Showbox contests via Twitter, complete a very simple survey, install and launch an app or play a very simple game. All these are very easy methods of earning CASH-POINTS on Showbox.

If you really want to earn lots of dollars on Showbox, you can participate in their gaming contests. Showbox editors select fun and interesting games for each contest. Everyone is qualified to participate in the gaming contests. For every contest you participate in, take a screenshot of your score and post it and you’re automatically qualified to win a huge amount of CASH-POINT. Do your best to score the highest in each contest you participate in. Every day of the contest, 5 players with the highest score are rewarded with huge CASH-POINTS.

Currently, Showbox has more than 3 million registered users and active users earn more than $25 every week. The question is, how much do you want to earn every week? I guess you’ll want to earn as much as you can. Don’t hesitate, start now! Regardless of where you are.

Once you’ve earned enough CASH-POINTS, you can cash out via PayPal, Top up phone bill, Netflix cards, Amazon gift cards, and an option to donate to community chest. But when exactly can you cash out? Once you’ve made $2 you can request for a cash out. Showbox makes payment every Saturday so you wouldn’t have to bother about not getting paid.

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