iPhone 7 Plus with Circles.Life Data Plan

Goodbye Note 7, Hello iPhone 7 Plus

Thanks to Circles.Life, my life is going to be back to normal with the iPhone 7 Plus tomorrow!

It has been quite a frustrating period since the news of exploding Samsung Note 7 phones. The first recall went pretty alright for me, but before I get to immerse myself into my new phone, Note 7 users were asked to power down our phone for our own safety! #ThanksButNoThanks My life has been kinda messed up because of this. The mobile phone is my lifeline for work and play. But since this saga, I’ve switched my main phones 3 times within a month because no stores in Singapore had got the iPhone 7 Plus for me to buy immediately. After searching and asking around, finally I managed to place my order on Circles.Life! Because I’ve signed up with them before, I was able to purchase the phone without a new line sign-up. THANK YOU CIRCLES.LIFE!

3-4 weeks to ship on Apple, and mine took less than a week!
3-4 weeks to ship on Apple, and mine took less than a week!

If you have never heard about them YET, please read on! Because you can potentially get unlimited data on your Circles.Life mobile line if you get your promotional codes out to all your friends!

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Goodbye Note 7, Hello iPhone 7 Plus - Alvinology

I am always on the go and having lots of mobile data is essential for work and to stay connected. Circles.Life is my secondary line and I use it mainly for data only. I couldn’t port my number over because I’m still bonded by existing contract with my telco. So instead of paying more than $130 every month for one mobile plan and keep exceeding my data plan, I split it to two plans. Now every month I’m paying less than $100 for my main line which I use mostly for Whatsapp and calls, and the Circles.Life for all other connectivity and productivity.

Ever since I got onto Circles.Life network, I also onboarded both my mum and dad! They used to pay $40 monthly for their plan which is always underused, now both of them has got sufficient data and talktime with Circles.Life and only pays $28/month! Can’t wait to get my main line ported over to Circles.Life plan so I can cut down more monthly expenses. Money not easy to earn ok?

Goodbye Note 7, Hello iPhone 7 Plus - Alvinology

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