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Coming to Singapore: World’s first and only Michelin-starred Tsuta Ramen from Japan


With only 9-seats in their eatery in Japan, Japanese Soba Noodle Tsuta has been flooded with customers who are assigned to specific dining intervals to get their hands on this one and only Michelin-starred Ramen.


Tsuta was awarded a Michelin star earlier this year, becoming the first Japanese ramen eatery to receive the prestigious accolade. This earned the brand global headlines. Every day, hundreds of hopeful diners in Japan begin queuing at 6am for a ticket to dine at the nine-seater establishment, which only serves 150 bowls of ramen daily. Though the store does not open its doors until 11am, tickets for the day typically sell out by 8am.

Now, Singaporeans will have an opportunity to have their Tsuta ramen right here at home.

The ramen eatery is founded by Chef Yuki Onishi, who is renowned for his experimentations with unique flavours and careful selection of quality ingredients. Tsuta’s noodles are expertly made — four types of whole wheat flour lend the noodles’ a firm bite and smooth texture.

The base of the soy broth is made with three types of shoyu. Tsuta has partnered with a shoyu brewer in Wakayama Prefecture to brew a soy sauce to its specifications. This special sauce is then blended with two other shoyu and mixed with dashi (soup stock). The dashi is made with beef, vegetables, clams and other ingredients. Unique to Tsuta, this dashi-joyu forms the base of the ramen broth, imparting natural and umami flavours.

The same delicious offerings that have delighted the palates of gourmands and critics in Japan will be on the menu at Singapore’s 18-seater outlet. Patrons will get to choose three types of soup bases: shoyu soba; shio soba; and miso. Shoya Soba features the piquant black truffle sauce and is a bowl of indulgence. Shio Soba comprises an enticing chicken-seafood blend, rock salt, red wine and rosemary infusions. The Miso soup base is light with robust flavours. Capping off each bowl of ramen are thick, luscious slabs of char siew.

Source: Tsutu Singapore Facebook Page

Under the careful supervision of Chef Onishi, the Singapore kitchen will maintain the same high standards as the flagship outlet in Japan. The chefs here will be using the same special soy sauce and high-quality ingredients that its Japanese counterpart uses. In so doing, they will bring the same exquisite taste and careful presentation to diners in Singapore.

Who’s ready for some Oishi good time queueing at Tsuta when it opens its door in October at 9 Scotts Road, #01-01/02/03, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210?


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