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#The21DayMission with Mission Foods

This article is written by Fen Chia of Asia 361.

21 days can make a whole lot of difference in your life – so says Mission Foods Singapore, the world’s largest flatbread producer and makers of wraps.  According to research, 21 days can create a new habit or change an old one for a lifetime and the company has now made it its mission to promote active change in the way Singaporeans live and eat with its 21-Day programme – #The21DayMission.

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So if you are looking to get healthier and eat better, why not try #The21DayMission, which promises to be simple and easily achievable without being too time-consuming.  All it takes is to sign up at no cost and starting from 9 May 2016, you will receive daily fitness and recipe videos which Mission Foods teamed up with fitness guru and certified trainer Dave Nuku and celebrity nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan to prepare.  These plans are sent to you in advance so you can work on them during your 21-Day Mission. Some examples of the recipes include Herb and Tortilla Crusted Fish, Pumpkin Salad with Naan Croutons and Tom Yam Chicken Wrap.

Multigrain - Just one example of Mission Food's wraps.
Multigrain – Just one example of Mission Food’s wraps.

Want to be a big loser? – of calories you don’t need, that is. Dave was one of the main trainers on The Biggest Loser Asia TV series, so he’s in a great position to show you how.  Alexandra, meanwhile, has come up with a meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner with easily available ingredients incorporating Mission Foods products like its wraps, pitas, naan and tortilla chips.

The recipe isn't difficult at all. Skip the condiments if you find them a bother- the chicken is flavourful enough.
The recipe isn’t difficult at all. Skip the condiments if you find them a bother- the chicken is flavourful enough.


I had the privilege of getting a sneak preview of one of the recipes, the Tom Yam Chicken Wrap. Disclaimer: Mission Foods kindly provided the ingredients for my trial this time round, but it wasn’t too complicated and the ingredients are easily available and the recipe could be replicated easily by anyone – even those who do not cook.  I’m one of them, so I guess my words here bear weight.

Ingredients required to make the Tom Yam Chicken Wrap.
Ingredients required to make the Tom Yam Chicken Wrap.

The recipes can be easily followed even in your office since they can be executed with use of an oven or a microwave, and the ingredients are simple and adaptable to your needs.  For example, if I were to receive the Tom Yam Chicken Wrap on one of my 21 Days, I would probably skip the condiments as the meat is flavourful enough.

Making my wrap.
Making my wrap.

That doesn’t take away from the taste though, and Mission Foods’ various carbs come in variations like wholemeal, multigrain and fat-free versions, which are filling and healthy.  And flatbreads are fuss-free and convenient foods to go with your workout.

IMG_2102 shrunk

It was a tasty, balanced meal.  There are many 21 days in a lifetime, but this one #The21DayMission could just change yours completely and set you on the journey towards healthy living.  Subscription to the videos is free, so do sign up on Mission Food Singapore’s Facebook page if you wish to be right in with the challenge from the start when the programme goes live on 9 May.

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