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A Mobile Game Unlike Any Other – The Wicked Is Back!

Some of you might have grown up playing The Wicked. After all, it is a highly mind-boggling online puzzle game created by Singapore’s very own then whiz-kid (ahem.. yours truly). At its peak, The Wicked had more daily unique visitors than XiaXue’s blog at that time.


The Wicked is an extremely challenging online puzzle which requires your wits and encourages you to pick up some basic IT skills in order to progress through the levels. The sense of satisfaction you can get from completing every level is immerse.

But that was in 2006. 10 years on, no one wants to play a game on their desktop browser any more.

Yet, the premise of The Wicked constantly nags at me in my dreams. The Wicked is begging me to bring it back.

I now run mildly successful Mobile App Development house in Singapore, Originally US that has built apps for government bodies and MNCs. Mobile is what we do and mobile is what we preach. In the spur of the moment, just after The Wicked’s 10th anniversary, I’ve decided to create a new The Wicked game as a mobile app, in a form of a text adventure game that has been slowly growing momentum in recent years.

A text adventure game is like an interactive story book. People say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think that your imagination is better than any graphics out there. The key different a regular book and a text adventure is that the end of every page, you, the reader, gets to pick what happens next.

Screenshot_20160425-173547_framed (Small)

My new game, The Wicked: Can You Survive? Is a unique blend of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre, where danger and death lurks in every corner. One wrong move would mean your death, and you have to start the game over at an earlier chapter. The Wicked also contains many puzzle elements, where figuring things out in your head can actually help ward off certain deaths – provided you are smart enough.

Without giving too much away, here are some snippets from the game:


Think have what it takes to navigate The Wicked and all its mysteries?


Download The Wicked: Can You Survive? (ANDROID)

Download The Wicked: Can You Survive? (iOS)




    1. Hi Rowan,

      The latest version REMOVES the need for device_id and call information.

      We only requested for device_id to track app crashes, but it belongs in the same permission group as call information which is why it shows up as device_id and call information. Hope that explains. Thanks.

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