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@bsolute Cleaning got our house absolutely clean

I need help, I really do. Being a work-at-home mum to a four-year-old means spreading myself thin with school runs, preparing meals, arranging play dates, driving the kid around to his enrichment classes, work assignments and doing the laundry. Without a domestic helper, such a lifestyle does take a toll on the quality of my housekeeping. When the guy who installed mosquito netting for our windows unearthed some neglected dust bunnies from the nooks and crannies of the flat, I knew it was time to call in professional help.

@bsolute Cleaning to the rescue. @bsolute Cleaning is a local company which aims to be a one-stop solution for home owners who need clean laundry, sofas, air-conditioners, carpets, curtains – the whole house, basically.

Best yet, it is CaseTrust accredited and boasts a crew of dedicated and professional staff.

Wati dusting the kid's bedroom.
Wati dusting the kid’s bedroom.

Tursilawati, their staff, showed up bright and early on the dot at the requested timing on a Thursday morning. First, she checked with me if I had the cleaning supplies she required. Second, she checked whether I had a ladder, so she could access the ceiling fan blades.

@bsolute Cleaning is equipped with a full-sized step ladder.
@bsolute Cleaning is equipped with a full-sized step ladder.

I had the Cif, mop, vacuum cleaner and cloths she needed, but no ladder – but she didn’t let that stop her. I was worried that Wati would do what Alvin always did: use our shaky IKEA stools, but I was wrong. She made a phonecall to her colleague, who was on standby with cleaning tools, supplies AND a ladder. Within minutes, he delivered the ladder and she was cleaning the ceiling fan blades. (Cleaning products and tools can be provided at extra cost at $80 per set.) This really impressed me as it convinced me that @bsolute Cleaning is serious about their employees’ safety and doing a truly professional job.

As Wati set to work on dusting my living room, (which I had already decluttered the weekend before but was still in a state of organised chaos), I retreated into one of the bedrooms to work on my laptop. Surreptitiously I would observe her goings-on from time to time, to snap pictures of her and to check if she needed anything. She energetically and systematically arranged items and furniture in such a way as to avoid backtracking and wasting time.

Leaving no nook and cranny unvacuumed.
Leaving no nook and cranny unvacuumed.
Talk about thorough.
Talk about thorough.
Cleaning and decluttering at the same time.
Cleaning and decluttering at the same time.

During her time at my apartment, Wati, who appeared to be in her late 40s, shared that she used to be a domestic helper for 10 years, before she got married to a Singaporean man and moved here. That explained her practised manner and her efficiency!

At the end of the four stipulated hours, my flat was unrecognisable, in a good way. As my home had not been professionally cleaned for a number of months now, Wati devoted all of her time to dusting, vacuuming and mopping all the surfaces in the living room, master bedroom, kid’s bedroom and kitchen. She also took the initiative to neaten up the arrangement of the various paraphernalia in each room in such a way that it looked less cluttered, but we could still find our things. Space is a luxury in my flat so I really appreciated that extra touch.

So much better after Wati's touch.
So much better after Wati’s touch.
Can breathe again.
Can breathe again.

And you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for such a professional job, either. @bsolute Cleaning offers some of the most attractive rates in town, which is just one of the many reasons they remain the top trusted choice of many households here.

Price plans

4h once a week – $399 per month
4h twice a week – $798 per month
Additional hour (subject to availability) – $30/h
No registration or agent fees.

During these four precious hours, you can expect the cleaner to:
– clean toilets
– sweep, vacuum and mop the floors
– fold and iron
– clean rooms and kitchen
– empty rubbish bins
– wipe down windows and grilles
– clean your kitchen hob

One-off spring cleaning services are also available.

Cleaners are equipped with eco-friendly supplies and cleaning tools

If you don’t have cleaning supplies or tools, you can also request for them at $80 per set, with the loan of a vacuum cleaner and ladder available at $30.

Staff is screened and properly trained

Only those with a minimum work experience of one year in the industry are hired. Employees are sent for courses, from basic to advanced Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications courses, to equip them with an understanding of the local industry environment.

The company is insured

This means that, in the unfortunate and unlikely event that your part-time maid breaks or damages any of your equipment while cleaning your home, the insurance policy of @bsolute Cleaning will cover the damage. This is peace of mind that independent part-time cleaners cannot offer.

One-stop solution for a clean home

Instead of having to call up multiple contractors and vendors, you just need to call one number to get someone to do your laundry (and deliver it), service your air-conditioner, shampoo your carpets, professionally clean your sofas and mattresses, spring clean, as well as do general housekeeping.  Imagine the amount of time and hassle you will save!

@bsolute Cleaning is part of the @bsolute group of companies, which also offers services such as air-con servicing and repair, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, house cleaning, part time maid and laundry cleaning. And you can be @bsolutely sure that it will do a dutiful and thorough job!

For more information:

@bsolute Cleaning Pte Ltd
Tel.: 9186 9762

Website: http://www.absolutecleaning.com.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sgabsolutecleaning

Blog: http://blog. absolutecleaning.com.sg

Address: 61 Kaki Buki Ave 1, #03-05, Singapore 417943

  1. Wati is fantastic! She does a thorough job for us every weekend. And always with a big smile and sunny disposition. She’s the best.

  2. Wati does a great job for us every week. She is super efficient, pro-active, completely reliable and cheerful to boost: a credit to her company!

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