Singapore billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter’s husband is not Mario Ho, say netizens

Forum sites are buzzing with a billion-dollar question weighing heavily on netizens’ minds – who is Singapore billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter married to?

Socialite Kim Lim, 24, made news earlier this week when Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo visited her and her father at Thomson Medical Centre, where she was warded with her newborn son.

On Friday (21 July), she posted a video showing the invitation with words: “Save the Date 23rd March 2018.”

Ms Lim has not revealed the identify of her child’s father.

Netizens have vehemently debunked the rumour that she is engaged to Hong Kong Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s son – Mario Ho Yau Kwan.

Posting on the forum site of online technology portal Hardwarezone, a netizen, who goes by the screen name justwalkpast, said: “Mario is not the father la. She broke up with Mario long ago la.”

Another netizen, opticloopy, chimed in adding: “Her Boyfriend not mario. Can see her bf pix from her insta, but no full face.”

Most claimed Lim’s husband to be a certain Kho.bk, going by his Instagram account.

Netizens have dug deep into the billion dollar question to share photos of Lim and Kho.bk.

Unfortunately, for the concerned netizens, the family’s spokesperson have told local media that Ms Lim, who had married earlier, would prefer not to reveal the identify of her husband.
All photos and screen shots via forum site of online technology portal 
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