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Book your aircon servicing online with Aircon-Servicing.SG

Nowadays, a myriad of products and services are available for purchases online – including aircon servicing and repairs.


Due to the all-year-round hot weather in Singapore, aircons are ubiquitous features in about every Singaporean households. Where do you usually find your vendor for aircon servicing or repairs? Through the hardworking door-to-door aircon salesmen? Or through bigger companies that run flashy ads and television and newspapers?

How do you know if you are getting the best deal?

There is a recently launched website in Singapore which provides transparent pricing and full details on their aircon servicing and repair services – Aircon-Servicing.SG. View the latest price and service details on their website.

Everything is laid out clearly so you know how much you will need to pay, based on what services you need. No bill shocks and hidden fees.

If you are undecided on why you should service your aircon regularly, here is a useful chart detailing why you should do so:


If you are looking for any aircon servicing or repair services in Singapore, do keep in mind the friendly Aircon Repair Singapore professionals today!

If you submit your service enquiries online, use the promo code below and get 5% off! Quotation is free:



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