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Smart Ways to Sell a Home Quickly in Surabaya, Indonesia


Selling a house can be an uphill task for many people, especially those who do not understand the entire process. Buyers are sensitive about every detail in the house from location, rooms, price, and other features that you may not easily notice as an inexperienced seller. Traditional buyers want to know everything when you sell a home in Surabaya, the capital of East Java, Indonesia, and you will have to highlight all the features on Rumah and other real estate websites to accentuate the sale. When selling a home, you should consider the following tips:

Value the House

According to property guide experts, you need to get a feel of what to expect when you sell your home. You can search different online directories or homes that have been sold in the area to see the expected value. Estimating the price of the home is important because you will know what to expect. When you know the amount to expect and this includes agent fees, taxes, and closing costs to get the right price.

Choose an Agent 

Before you can choose an agent, it is important that you screen several potential agents before narrowing down to the best. Don’t just hire someone who promises the highest price when the house is sold. Look at the value of the service and the expected results. Ask the agent a few questions, which include, what types of homes have you sold? How will you market the house? What will be the charges? It is important that when searching for an agent online. Look at customer reviews and analysis to guide you in choosing the best agent. Be careful of agents that will lock you in six months with a listing contract, look for an agent who will fight for a good deal for you, not one that is easy for him.

Decide When to Sell

When selling a home, it is crucial to consider the prevailing weather conditions and time. For the best chance of selling a home faster and getting a good price, spring is the best time to sell. This season everything is back to life from flowers, garden, and the ambiance in the environment. Studies conducted by Forbes reveal that millions of homes are sold during spring period and they take less than 30 days (now that’s a real-estate opener!).

Set a Stage

When selling a home, it is important that you impress the buyer. Consider staging the empty room with several pieces of furniture and clearing out the junk in the house. Don’t place more furniture because it will make the home look smaller and buyers do not prefer crowded places. Place the items strategically in rooms and ensure there is a smooth flow when moving from one room to the next. Enhance the lighting in the rooms, when there is sufficient light in a room it makes it appear bigger. Remember, dim places tend to discourage buyers and think that there is something hidden. Do what it takes to impress the potential buyers grabbing the attention of every buyer who walks into the room.

Do Not Remodel!

Remodeling a house before the sale is definitely not a good idea. It is recommended you upgrade the house a little and not overly. According to home selling tips, any improvement does not add a square foot to the house. Less drastic measures such as steam cleaning the carpets, overhauling the lawn, washing the windows, hiring a home cleaning service, cleaning the gutters, and pressure washing the deck are recommended to give the house a fresh and clean smell. We also suggest to do a small home inspection, this way you can identify any major issues with your home. You can definitely start negotiating after a home inspection.

Take Professional Photos of the House 

In the modern world where people are searching online nearly for everything, it is important that you make the right impression. Hire a photographer (unless you are one), to take quality pictures of each room, the lawn, entrance, closets, kitchen, and other enhancing features of the house. A majority of home buyers use the internet as the first search before hiring an agent. Photography is an important factor in selling your home. Homes with sharp images are likely to sell faster than homes with amateur pictures.

Set a Price

Before setting a price, it is important that you conduct a comparative market analysis to identify the appropriate price for the house in the local area. Under pricing or overpricing are some of the factors to avoid because they can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Advertise On Powerful Online Platforms

When selling a home, it is crucial that you post the pictures of the house on the most powerful listing sites in the country. This improves the chances of getting a quality prospective buyer. If your listing is featured, you will get more clicks and potential buyers will submit their bids. Ensure that you follow the proper rules of listing the property to appear on top of the page.

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