SchTutors: Hire An MOE Teacher For Home Or Group Tuition

Just last week, we read about Tiger Mum Amy Chua setting up a tuition centre in Singapore. CNBC then referred to us as a “tuition-crazy city-state” and we can’t say they are wrong because some surveys have shown that up to seventy percent of parents enroll their children in private tuition lessons!

And if you are currently looking for a tutor for your kid, you might want to start with SchTutors because of their unique proposition: they guarantee only current or ex-school teachers for your child.


And unlike what I’d initially thought, the tuition fees are reasonable. Take group tuition for instance – a p6 English class (1.5hours a week) near my home will cost just S$190 per month.

You’re able to select ‘Level’, ‘Subject’ and ‘Region’ to find an available group tuition class quickly:

SchTutors Group Tuition

If you’d prefer to engage a home tutor instead, SchTutors also has an Hourly Rates Guide published on their website


Why hire an MOE teacher instead of, say, an undergraduate? One of the most compelling reasons I can think of as an ex-tutor (and not an MOE teacher at any point in my life) is that sometimes teachers know best. As a private tutor, I can assist the child in getting the “correct answer” but because it is not the answer that the teacher expects, nor derived via the means that the teacher desires, it’s still one mark lost. So in some instances, I would say that teachers might know best… what they really want as the answers. 😛

I was once the home tutor for a primary school student. The boy was really bright, hardworking and rather competitive. So why was I hired? The boy’s family is from Taiwan and they place a lot of emphasis on good grades, or rather, perfect grades. I was hired because the mother was not pleased that he was scoring 95/100 or 98/100 instead of a perfect score. In such cases, yes, I do think an MOE teacher would have done a better job than I did in explaining where those 2 or 5 marks went.

And if the child is too playful and doesn’t quite listen to younger tutors, then an older teacher who will tolerate no nonsense just might keep the child’s attention. After all, MOE teachers are trained to be able to conduct lessons with 30 or more (rowdy) children in a class.

To engage an MOE teacher for home or group tuition, head over to


Check out this other post I’ve written about SchTutors in which I share tips for parents who want to engage home tutors for their kids (written from my perspective as a former tutor) 🙂


  1. I tried hiring from schtutor but was amused that we are unable to talk to the tutor (via a 3 way conference) . Agent said must protect tutors privacy and the agency was damn defensive . Ok fine. When questioned what will happen if selected tutor is not suitable? Agent answered “Oh you can just change the tutor”. But i would rather hire the right tutor for my child then change tutor like changing underwear. Tutor say she didn’t want to take up my assignment as she didn’t want to talk to the parebts (us,) via conference call.hmm got me wondering then how the hell she manage to talk to other students parents during PTA or how will she speak to us if we had engaged her?. Finally engaged another agency. My 1st rule to them, I must speak with the tutor via conference. Agent was super cool with it. In fact according to her most parents DO WANT TO TALK TO TUTORS to ensure it’s the right fit and both parties are comfortable with each other. And She too was surprised schtutor refused the conference call. Long story short. Did the necessary and a tutor us hired from 2nd agency and I’m happy with her. If agency keep getting defensive etc then must be careful coz nowadays so much of child abuse /molest . I won’t risk my child safety for anything.

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