picture via NSP’s facebook page

The tagline for the National Solidarity Party (NSP) reads “Singaporeans Deserves Better!”. I agree. However, NSP is likely not going to be the political party to deliver that.

At the last general election, it was clear to everyone that NSP was revitalised and carried along by one single shining candidate – Nicole Seah. In fact, many people even jokingly referred to the NSP as “Nicole Seah’s Party”.

The party was on a high. Among the opposition parties, they contested the most seats in GE2011 and Singaporeans begun to take note of NSP.

With just that one strong candidate they came close to winning Marine Parade GRC, helmed by former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. Some even came up with the term “the Nicole Seah effect” to explain the phenomenal.

Sadly for NSP, Nicole Seah said she would not be contesting in GE2015.

Worse still, their very credible acting secretary-general, Hazel Poa has just resigned from the party too. This was over differences with the CEC on contesting in Macpherson SMC.

In an emailed statement, she said: “The CEC of NSP decided to support Steve Chia’s request to contest in MacPherson SMC in a 3 cornered fight against WP and PAP. It was a decision I strongly disagreed with, and hence not one I can implement. As the direction that the party has decided to pursue deviates greatly from my own, I see no choice other than to resign from the NSP.”

What’s left of NSP without Nicole Seah and Hazel Poa?

Hazel Poa is a former government scholarship holder and one of the party’s star candidates in the GE2011. I follow some of her speeches and online postings and find her a credible voice. Reasoned and smart.

I looked through the list of names of their 16th Central Executive Committee. A list of has-beens and unknowns or deserters from other parties. The only names I can recognise are former Non-constituency Member of Parliament, Steve Chia and a one-term Member of Parliament, Cheo Chai Chen, when he competed under the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), led by Chiam See Tong then. Both of them are past their prime and likely would not attract younger voters who are not familiar with them.

NSP seems to contest all over Singapore with no strategic overview. Chiam See Tong only managed to win over the Potong Pasir voters after THREE tries. Same with the incumbent MP for Potong Pasir, the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s Sitoh Yih Pin. He went back to Potong Pasir for the third time in GE2011 before he was able to win the residents over with his perseverance. The WP team spent years walking the ground and only managed to capture Aljunied GRC after a second try.

Voters are not stupid. We can see who did their ground work, who are the serious ones and who are the opportunists. The NSP currently strikes me as opportunists.

NSP’s Steve Chia contested in Pioneer SMC in GE2011. Why is he not back there to increase his vote margin for GE2015? Is it because the PAP’s Tin Pei Ling is perceived to be a weaker opponent compared to Cedric Foo in Pioneer SMC?

Worse of all – NSP went back against their words when they announced earlier that they will leave Marine Parade GRC and Macpherson SMC to WP to compete against the PAP.

If NSP wants to contest in Macpherson, fine.

However, the worse thing a political party can do is to flip flop like roti prata. How can I trust a party like this to represent me in parliament?

If you want to contest in Macpherson, why issue an earlier statement saying you would not do so for oppostion unity?

Good luck NSP.

I think the party has just committed hara-kiri at no one’s urging by flip flopping on their words. In web lingo, they did a SELF-PWNED.

I am sorry, but I believe for GE2015, the NSP is nothing without Nicole Seah.

Oh, and did I add that NSP’s Kevryn Lim is NOT the new Nicole Seah?