Three questions to find out if you are a Grammar Nerd

Are you a Grammar Nerd?

I suck at grammar and it’s the cause of my bad grades for English during my schooldays. Mind you, I kick ass at writing essays that touch people from a young age, but grammar is just not my thing.

Which is why a free tool like Grammarly is so awesome for someone like me. Grammarly is a grammar and plagiarism checker that scans your text for plagiarised content and grammatical errors. Grammarly claims to catch up to 10 times more mistakes than word processing software, and it makes creating citations a snap.

Check out my previous review on Grammarly. 

Recently, the good folks at Grammarly came up with an infographic to identify Grammar Nerds. Do you fit the typical profile? I know I definitely don’t!

Try Gammarly for free via the official website. 

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