How to quarrel online like a Singapore teen - Alvinology

How to quarrel online like a Singapore teen

A week ago, I came across an intriguing post written by a Singapore teenage girl boy on her his public blog.

Her  His blog does not have a permalink for each post, but it’s the post dated Wednesday, December 4, 2013 1:16 AM. 

The post was written in a unique language which probably only she he and her his friends can decipher 100%. It was a very entertaining read for me to gain insights on how Singapore teens quarrel online these days.

From what I gathered, it seems the blogger and her his group of friends are disappointed with a particular girl in their clique who is no longer hanging out with them as much as she used to after she found a boyfriend.

The post was to declare a severance of the group’s friendship with the girl.

How to quarrel online like a Singapore teen - Alvinology


Epic story.

I had fun reading the post and hope you enjoy it too. To make the reading more interesting, I challenge you to translate it into proper English and post the entire transcript in my comment box below!

  1. Hi. It is a guy’s blog you are referring to. He’s just ranting and expressing his disappointment about his friend, why must a post that is personal between them be written in perfect English? You obviously don’t even know him or his friends, so who are you to judge?

  2. @Jessica Lim

    My mistake on the gender… will go change it. I did not say the post needs to be written in perfect English. It has strong entertainment value and I am highly recommending it for a read. 🙂

  3. Hi there.

    Do you even have the basic courtesy to credit someone for his photo/s? Well I can see that you really lack of it. Also, did the owner even gave you permission to take his photo? I don’t think so.

    How is his English not ‘proper’? Please enlighten me, sir! Would really love to see how ‘proper English’ sounds/looks like.

    How about I challenge YOU to make the whole script into ‘proper English’ as you deemed?

  4. So rude of you to comment on people’s language, did the law says that blog posts needs to be in proper English? Don’t be so quick to judge without even knowing the whole story. So what if his english is proper or not, does it affect you in anyway? In short, it’s none of your business:)
    Oh by the way, I guess the blogger didn’t even gave you permission to post his photo. Right?
    Bro, you’re trying too hard to gain popularity from other people’s blog;)

  5. I cannot imagine how sad and mundane your life must be to consider other people’s personal blog post on his own friendship problem (none of your business) as something of “strong entertainment value”. I think your face has a stronger entertainment value. Oh not to mention your fake twitter and instagram followers HAHA oh my, pretty strong entertainment value there.

  6. Hey bob, are you that free to even pick on that one sentence? Are u that bored? Get a life bob, go and make new friends out there rather than picking on sentence structures or your so what perfect english;) oh and may I suggest you getting a girlfriend, a “mob”? Maybe? Do consider my suggestion bob 🙂

  7. @Yanlin, Linda and Jessica Lim – Chill. Are you the blogger’s friend? I shared his blog post because it was indeed, an interesting read for me. The post was public. It was meant to be read by the public – no? Wasn’t that the purpose of broadcasting the whole incident on a public blog vs on a facebook note or a locked post? Anyway, I don’t want to make enemies. If you friend is uncomfortable with the reshare, just email me. Thanks and merry Christmas.

    With regards to the English, maybe the way I wrote my post make it seems like I am an English Nazi. I am not, and I don’t see anything wrong with your friend writing the way he does. It is just different from how I am used to reading (which was why the post was interesting).

  8. What irks me is how you treat the blog post as a complete joke.

    1. The title of your post – “HOW TO QUARREL ONLINE LIKE A SINGAPORE TEEN”. The main point of his blog post is not even of them quarreling, it is about the unhappiness, disappointment, and process of losing a friend. Is that something appropriate to be made fun of? So what if it’s not written in what you deem “normal English”?

    2. “I challenge you to translate it into proper English and post the entire transcript in my comment box below!” Is this really necessary?! I find this absolutely ridiculous. The post is extremely long, who do you think would actually do that “to make the reading more interesting”?! Hahahaha, oh the things you find challenging and interesting…

    3. Yes the post is made public, but there absolutely no need for you to share it this way. To me, your face and fake followers on Twitter and Instagram are what jokes looks like, not the blog post.

    Merry Christmas =)

  9. Dude, you couldn’t even decipher it 100% or say, 50%, why are you EVEN recommending the blog post for other people to read when OBVIOUSLY that post was written in a way such that only close friends would understand – NOT FOR OUTSIDERS to comment on anything.

    Again, you’re too quick to judge. The post was made public to let the girl see, not for OUTSIDERS (again), especially people like you, to see.

    Oh God he still needs to email you to get the post removed? In the first place, did YOU even email HIM to ask for permission for the post and the photo? (even when you’ve removed it, it was once up there) So now HE has to email YOU personally? Oh wow. Who do you think you are? And no, don’t remove it! He’s enjoying the attention and blog hits you’ve brought to him with your followers (not to mention some fake ones).

    Next time before you even post or comment about other people, be sure that it doesn’t backfire and hit you back in your face HARD. Go and buy more followers and do your advertorials for your fake followers to see.

    Well, the joke is on you now, can’t you see it? 😉

    I believe you have a life to get. Go get it bro!

  10. What makes me angry is that not only you comment on the blogger’s English which is none of your business anyway, you wrote the title saying about Singapore teens quarreling. May I ask you sir, which part of it seems like the post is about quarreling? I think your English is more worse bro.
    Have some RESPECT dude, and not treat such posts as a joke for your entertainment. You are a blogger yourself, would you like others to treat any of your posts as a joke?

  11. Read the teen boy’s blog post, it’s seriously very sad and disappointing to have such a friend that gives up friends for boyfriend. Great disappointment! Alvinology, pls don’t treat those teens blog posts as a joke or entertainment but treat it seriously! This is basic courtesy and respect for yourself and the bloggers out there:) Just saying! Peace!

  12. Tsk tsk tsk, no professional ethics sia. Plus why ppl’s blog must be proper english, a bit singlish then got Singaporean feel ma.

  13. I’ve to say that, for myself, the blog post plus all the comments from the blogger’s (named Anthony?) friends above were interesting not so much in the usage of Singlish (pertaining to Anthony’s blog post) but more in the ways Sg teens over-react to, what they will find in a few years’ time, minor provocations…
    1) I’m kinda ambivalent on whether Alvin should have linked Anthony’s blog on his own website. I’m generally of the opinion that others’ blog posts are their creations, and they might not relish the extra attention they might get when their posts reach beyond their intended audience. However, I’m also of the opinion that private matters, if they are to be blogged at all, should be password-protected.
    2) The excuse given by Anthony’s friend that the post wasn’t password-protected was so that the girl (Irene?) could see it is both baffling and disingenuous, to say the least. Firstly I’m not sure what are the chances of Irene visiting Anthony’s blog again when your relationship had soured to this extent. Secondly, it seems to me that you guys really wanted the whole world, and not just Irene, to see your vilifying rants and caricatures of both her and her boyfriend.
    3) When you questioned Alvin’s right to link Anthony’s post over here, did it occur to you what rights does Anthony have in putting up caricatures of Irene’s boyfriend on his own blog?
    4) There’s no law saying that blog posts need to be in proper English; but there’s also no law saying that blog posts can’t be linked on other websites. Finally, there isn’t a law prohibiting one from commenting on another’s linguistic skills, or lack of. It may be rude to do so, but it is even ruder to resort to personal attacks on one’s appearance and what-nots.
    5) It might indeed be very sad and disappointing to find friends giving up or scaling back the friendship in favor of a BF/GF. But then again, friends are transient in life. Period. As we get into different roles (BF/GF, spouse, parent, etc) our priorities, and hence our availability for friends changed. It’s not the end of the world when your pal isn’t as chummy with you as before. If the friendship was important to you, you would have remained a friend, albeit a less close one, even though the other party seemed to be slacking in wanting to maintain the friendship. Otherwise, and if you’re in some kind of inexplicable urge to kill the friendship, I guess you can always choose to disregard your (close or otherwise) friend’s desire to spend her free time at her own free will (i.e. with her BF and not with you); spam her and her BF when she ignores you, and better still, create a public blog post chronicling your displeasure with your friend and caricaturing her BF.
    6) Yanlin, the phrase ““No longer hang out as much” pointed out by Bob actually came from Alvin’s own summary of Anthony’s post (i.e. this post). Chill, or at least verify the facts before you begin your tirade.
    7) Bob, if you’re in the process of getting a girlfriend or if you already had one, it’ll be in your interest to ask if she blogs in a manner like these girls and boys….

  14. Hi “anon”,

    1. It’s the blogger’s own own free will whether he wants to publicise the post or not. To privatise that post is soley YOUR opinion. Yes, to share it is Alvin’s free will as well. As bloggers, we definitely have no objections with anyone purely sharing our post, but the way Alvin put it irks us all and hence we are here to comment and express our opinions.

    2. The photos on the blogger’s post and Alvin’s post are two entirely separate issues. If you hated someone and wanted to make a joke about his looks, would you ask him for permission?

    3. As Alvin wants to be known as a reknown blogger to get advertiser sponsors, as a “public figure” (54K almost 55K followers on Instagram with less than 50 likes on majority of his photos WOW), he should be prepared to receive any negative attention from the public whether it is about his face, fake followers and what-nots. On the other hand, the blogger is not a public figure. He does not blog to get sponsorship or have thousands of followers on his social media. Just a normal teenager blogging about his friendship problem.

    4. Nobody cares about your opinions about friends. Who do you think you are to judge the blogger, his friends, or their friendship? You not even getting the blogger’s name right proves that you don’t even know him.

    Don’t be such a chicken and hide behind the mask of an “anon”.

    1. LOL bro, are you stupid or blind? Do you wanna see our photos to confirm your suspection?

      Or you wanna stir shit up when everything’s peaceful already?

  15. Anon. .

    Even if she blogs like them, its better than blogging like u, using other people’s blog as your blog content. You must be happy though, cos through this post, there are more blog hits for you.

  16. Hah, boohoo

    Nice name. Such funny. Many laughs.

    Why would 3 different persons who are not afraid of telling what they want to say, use 3 different names and emails to type after one another?

    Maybe its a joke. Its so funny i dont know if im suppose to laugh. More joke than the blog post.

    Merry christmas.

  17. Such childish. Cfm is haven go ns thats why the thinking like small boy boy. Tsk tsk tsk. At least we not coward to use fake names. Hahaha use what boohoo. Joke.
    Suspect that we are all the same person? Wan me to link all our fb here for u? BOOHOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. Hi, I came here to see how wonderful your blog post is, to be able to criticize / rate / comment other people’s blog post. However, I think that it is so much less interesting than that of the so called “Anthony’s” blog. If only you are willing to find out more, and not just posting for the sake of your “viewers” , which I doubt it exists, or maybe its your friends. With just a click of button, you can easily find out that blogger’s name. This shows how you dont post due to facts, maybe coz you’re too lazy, and just posting for the sake of it. This also in other words, untrustworthy, not factual.

    Why dont you just admit its your fault for treating people’s friendship as a joke, a strong entertainment value read and not posting as anon to attempt to defend yourself? Also, you think you have the rights to grab the photo and put it on your own blog? no you dont. why would “anthony” take the photo of irene’s boyfriend without permission (which you assumed again). Is cause he is obviously making fun of him. However, if you are not making fun of “anthony” , then why would you grab his photos without permission? because it’s public so you can grab it without permission? how about I punch your face when its shown in public? Furthermore, he does it because he know irene in real life. what about you? posting without knowing anything? good job. come I clap for you. you assumed that she wont read his blog. but how can you guarantee that? issit cause you stalking her? or issit you are her friend, or are you her? I assume its none of the above right? so why? Nice assumption, nice imagination. I suggest you become a story writer instead of a failed blogger. Remember to thank me when you get famous uh.

    If you want to post something and comment on something, pls, at least take some effort to find out some information. First, you have to get the gender right, the name, the facts too. How is it an “epic story” when its just a ranting post of a teenager about his friendship? or is it you saying that this post, is an epic story instead? if yes, please, your english, maintain uh…

    If its something which only he and his friends can decipher 100%, what gives you the rights to comment on it? Since its in a unique language, why would you want to challenge people to translate it into proper english? Why not instead you can break it down to read part by part, or email “anthony” to explain to you paragraph by paragraph to you? or maybe its just you, who cant understand it. How do you ascertain what “proper english” is? how proper is proper? and who are you to judge if somebody’s english is proper anot? and since its HIS blog, i think he has the rights to post it in whatever language he deems fit.

    Yes, i agree with bob, its stopped hanging out instead of no longer hang out. such simple english and you cant understand? wow. such wow.

    Also, if you are trying to gain followers or more readers through other people’s blog, then i think you have succeed. coz i bet the rest of the people that commented didnt know your blog existed only till now uh? and if you say you are helping that person gain popularity, i too, bet that he wouldnt want to be known this way, unlike you. keep your comments and your reads to yourself. its a blog. not a book/movie. nobody needs your reviews.

    Imagine if somebody post something on your friendship / family problems, would you like it? its none of their business right? its the same situation here. put yourself in other’s shoes. You need to learn to be considerate. maybe you might become a better person. Ever wonder why u need to buy followers and nobody bothers to find out more about you, I’m suggesting this might be the reason.

    If its just an interesting read, maybe just keep it to yourself coz not everybody would think it that way, and not everybody would treat someone’s friendship as a joke. its a blog, not a joke book.

    Its a public blog meant to be read by the public. You use a public property, look at a public property, but do you bring them home? do you? maybe u did, idk. similarly, as you said, its meant to be read by the public, and not for you to extract, and grab the photos. make sense? If you question the purpose, actually is none of your business either. right? its his blog. who still uses facebook to post their rants these days? maybe we are on different frequency. maybe you just cant understand me. its a high possibility though, coz maybe to you, im also using a unique language which only my friends can decipher. right? Furthermore, making it public allows easier access to him, his friends, his supporters and readers. Nobody forced you to read and / or comment on it. why dont you comment on each and every single public blog then? why not comment on your own blog? why would you even end up at his blog? hmmmm, i question this. For re-sharing, did you ask for permission or email him? i doubt so. then why would he email you? why would you expect an email from him even if he is uncomfortable?

    The topic of your post was “how to quarrel like a singapore teen” and yet what you are talking throughout is the language. so whats the main point of your post? change your title, or change your content since your english is so good. Since you are reading somebody’s blog, shouldn’t you be used to his writing, or compromise to it? and not blogging about it? if i am not used to your english, is it i can assume that the language u are using is a unique language which only you and your friends can decipher? just because you are not used to it? nobody is going to behave how u want them to be. its the world. this is life. wake up.

    if you are saying that you are just not used to the language, and not saying that he is blogging in an improper language, you are contradicting yourself “I challenge you to translate it into proper English and post the entire transcript in my comment box below!” sounds familiar? hmmm… or maybe its just everyone is too clever, or the language he uses is for people which can easily understand, and not for you. maybe you should rephrase your question to “I challenge you to change it into something simpler so I would be able to understand it”

    And yes, as Linda said, if you couldn’t even decipher it, WHY ARE YOU RECOMMENDING IT, WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING ON IT?

    if you think the girl wont see, again you assumed. yeah? maybe she read the blog to stalk, feeling guilty, or wanting to find out about us although we are not friendly with each other anymore. maybe the assumption made by someone that know her would be a lot more accurate than an assumption made by you, a stranger. agree?

    Now I think he might gain more readers than you. hah, you are a joke. are you planning to be a joker or a clown? I think you have the potential.

    Yes what kate said makes sense. Its something serious, sad, and disappointing, and yet you are treating that post as a joke with strong entertaining value. what if I treat your post all as a joke? your life as a joke? please show some respect. its his rights.

    If these comments are the ways sg teens over-react to something, HA, THEN WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BOTHER READING AND REPLYING? ARE YOU OVER REACTING TOO? provocations? I think all of us are just posting our views and comments, just like u?

    Its not that they are not relish the extra attention they get when their posts reached beyond the intended audience, but what the non-intended audience did and judge.

    Blog is a personal website / page / journal which he rants. its just that people happen to read it. From what I see, his blog is more personal, where friends see and he rants, posting about his life. yours, idk, maybe its for majority of the people, everyone, wanting them to find out more about you, posting like a proper famous blogger, but too bad you are not. this is my opinion.

    There is no wrong for alvin to link anthony’s post to his blog. however, I think that its not that appropriate for him to grab photos from the blog without permission. Why is anthony able to do it? cause obviously he knows that girl in real life, while alvin is just a stranger? Furthermore, in the profile of irene, there IS picture of her bf. It was a private profile. Since anthony could access it, this shows that irene gave him permission to access her profile, information, and pictures. What about Alvin?

    There is no law on all of the above mention of anon’s comment. It is rude. but there is also no law on attacks on one’s appearance, especially he is disliked by the person commenting, no matter what reasons. There is no law saying that one cannot dislike another.

    Priorities and availability changes. BUT CANT U UNDERSTAND THE BLOG POST? ITS SAYING THAT SHE NO LONGER. Its like dont even have time to reply yes/no? to even reply? and yet is online all de time on whatsapp? talking to her bf? forever going out and yet no time to meet friends? What else is that, EVEN SHE HAD THE TIME, SHE RATHER SLEEP. Its not the end of the world, that blog post didnt state that it was. Its your assumption from the post’s rantings. From the blog post, the friendship was important, and they didtry their best to maintain the friendship. But however, how did irene react? read pls. but then again, maybe the language was too unique and u didnt understand la. bobian sry, this my fault for assuming you can read it. They didnt spam her bf, but what they did was just a tag. If she still wants the friendship, or if her boyfriend was friendly, it might be just a friendly disturb. but what she did? she replied immediately with nasty comments. Only replies when her bf was tagged. Is part of his life, therefore posting and ranting, coz the blog is for events and happenings in his life.

    And yes I agree with Jessica .
    Furthermore, I have a feeling your “alvinology” copied “elvinology” , which is the fan club of elvin ng, a mediacorp artist. And your aim is to confuse people to following you, and also read your blog. Am I right? did i expose what you are thinking? but nah, i think that elvin is much better than this alvin, more good looking too.

    Who do you think you are to judge? especially people’s opinion on their friends when you dont know either of them, the blogger and the main character. The world doesn’t revolve around you. keep this in mind.

    And yes bob, even if she blogs like them, its better than blogging like alvin. I support you. dont worry.

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