A week ago, I came across an intriguing post written by a Singapore teenage girl boy on her his public blog.

Her  His blog does not have a permalink for each post, but it’s the post dated Wednesday, December 4, 2013 1:16 AM. 

The post was written in a unique language which probably only she he and her his friends can decipher 100%. It was a very entertaining read for me to gain insights on how Singapore teens quarrel online these days.

From what I gathered, it seems the blogger and her his group of friends are disappointed with a particular girl in their clique who is no longer hanging out with them as much as she used to after she found a boyfriend.

The post was to declare a severance of the group’s friendship with the girl.


Epic story.

I had fun reading the post and hope you enjoy it too. To make the reading more interesting, I challenge you to translate it into proper English and post the entire transcript in my comment box below!