So, it seems the Singapore Armed Forces are on a competition to see who can produce the best female ambassadors to promote their recruitment efforts.

The Navy introduced ME1 Clarie Teo.

The Army introduced LT2 Joelle Cheong.

What about the Air Force?

Well, readers have tipped me off on TWO potential candidates from the Air Force. The first is LTA Graci Foo, a former Tactical Control Officer from 163 Squadron in the Singapore Air Force:

Not much can be found about her online except for this Cyberpioneer interview. Here’s another picture of her:

Next up, we have 2LT Sengie Chong who is of the sporty, sunshine variety. She has an instagram account which you can follow and a account where you can ask her questions. It is said that she can do standard male chin-ups and is super duper fit:

Here are some of 2LT Sengie Chong’s answers to similar questions answered by ME1 Clarie Teo:

Guards or commando?

If I’m a guy and I can choose between which unit to serve in, Commando for sure 🙂

Can I get ur kik or snapchat id plz?


Can i follow you on instagram?:)
Sure! Instagram is the only social platform I’m really active on anyway. Caution, I rant alot – haveyoumetsengie
What’s your blog link? 
I don’t blog that often anymore, but for much more immature thoughts back when I’m younger,
Alternatively, I tumblr too!
Which do you prefer Sliver or Gold? You cannot choose both.

Referring to IPPT? Gold because, why settle for less if you know you can persevere for better right?

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I’d like to think that I am an introvert (successfully) disguised as an extrovert hehehehe :B

How do you described your personality?

I only open up to people and “be myself” around those that I am close to. And it takes me quite awhile to warm up to someone. I might come off as someone who’s really unfriendly and cold in the beginning. But honestly I am like… A hedgehog disguised as a porcupine 😀 I am also very crazy about exercising.

Have you try Sky Diving? And you think SG should allow one? 

No I haven’t but I would like to in Dubai! It’s gorgeous!

Why are you so pretty?

Not the least bit, you’re too kind 🙂

What made you decide to join the forces and what do you think is the difference between girls who choose the normal route (office jobs) and girls serving the nation?

I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my cousin who is also in the airforce. Thereafter, I pursued a diploma in Aviation Management and Services hoping to get a PPL in SYFC. I failed the medical because of a blood deficiency, but thankfully, that condition improved before I went for my medical check-up before enlistment. I’ve always been interested in aviation since young and I could foresee myself working in the aviation sector when I am older, so I was headstrong about it and stay stuck to my passion, which led me to where I am today.

I worked in the civilian sector prior to enlistment for slightly more than a year, and of course there are the odd jobs I had while studying, so I believe I have a pretty fair comparison of the two. I’d say that they’re focused in different ways. And of course, besides being able to perform your duties diligently as a soldier, you’re also trained as a leader. I am thankful to be here because I think my military experience thus far has shaped me into a stronger character.

Hi do you smoke .. cos your smoking hot

HAHAHAHAHA, smooth move bro.

what do you do during your free time?

I run alot hahaha, if possible I would try to run almost everyday after work. I like drawing and singing too! Other than that, I am actually quite a boring person who enjoys the occasional cafehopping trip and a good movie.

What flavour of cream you like , chocolate , vanilla , strawberry , orange?

COCONUT <3 But if I had to choose from the above, vanilla it would be my young padawan.

Do guys come up to you in public for your number?

And that would be the time that you get to watch my amazing transformation into a tomato.

what made you want to sign on? passion/interest?

A good mixture of both!

What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?

Well, my mama allowed me to shave the hair off one side of my head. Okay actually she didn’t because I just came home with that hairstyle and she can’t possibly glue it back (YES I REGRETTED IT SO BADLY BAD CHOICES IN LIFE HAHAHA). But yes, I’m not going to let my kids do that. Wouldn’t want them to be deemed a psycho.

Where did you studied and what major?

I hold a diploma in Aviation Management and Services from Temasek Polytechnic. Woooo AMS!

How many guys have you rejected?


If you were given a flight ticket and be able to choose the destination, where will it be and why?:)

Capetown, Africa because. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW GORGEOUS THAT PLACE IS. Or Venice. Or Greece. I CAN’T MAKE UP MY MIND.

Hi! Mm. Is there anyway we could be friends? :)

Sure, hi! Haveyoumetsengie?

What is your dream? (:

To live in a riverboat in Venice and paint portraits of people for a living 😀

I like the way you smell! What soap/shampoo do you use? :)

I bathe in water from the Himalayas and the tears of angels.

Do you get a lot of attention in the air force?

No I do not, thank god.

Will u mind.if ur bf is not from air force??

Fortunately he is 🙂 I think there are very few guys who would be accepting of my lifestyle and my working commitments, so it isn’t really a choice. My social circle is also very very very limited because I’m secretly an old lady who stays home watching Dr Phil and knitting hahahahaha.

What is the results of every stations of IPPT? Pretty curious to know girl! my results?

I haven’t tried the new system yet, and I’ve forgotten most of my old results. Here’s what I remember though: Sit-ups: 62. Inclined pull-ups: 26. Shuttle run: 10.2. My fastest for 2.4km is 9.36, but that is wayyyyy before I had a shinsplint.

What do you think of guys that smoke?

Augustus Walters my friend.

How to approach you as a stranger?

Offer me ice-cream. Hahahahaha I am kidding, I’d just blush and run away.

What CCA were you in during your school days?

Secondary school: Choir and Volleyball. Polytechnic: Hockey! <3

What’s your opinion towards guys in uniform?

I see them everyday, so.

What’s your chinese name?

I don’t have it in my IC!

What was the worst date? 

I don’t really date.

Wow! You’re seriously beautiful! I wanna sign on to the Airforce already ma’am!!

You’re signing on for the wrong reasons, please don’t. Do something because you want to, and because love what you do. That would make you good at what you’re doing. Don’t sign on for the wrong reasons because we have too many other things we end up regretting already.

You have boyfriend? Photo?

Instagram: haveyoumetsengie. And…. have you met Faisal?