I love wood-fired pizzas served hot from the oven. The fragrance and taste of freshly baked and toasted ingredients in a warm bed of cheesey or tomato base. Dee-licious.

Pizza Fabbrica, an Italian restaurant which serves up a wide range of irresistible pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts invited me for a food tasting to be introduced to their new outlet located in Arab street. It is notable that Pizza Fabbrica chose to open its first outlet in Asia right here in Singapore where Italian cuisine is received warmly.

It was the usual hot Friday afternoon in Singapore and I was ready to dig into a light meal which wouldn’t lead me into a post-lunch slumber.

My selection for the afternoon’s food tasting was:

1.  Insalata Prosciutto di Parma e Mango


This salad is a fresh burst of flavours with its combination of  juicy ripe mango slices and thin translucent parma ham presented on a bed of rocket leaves, red cabbage and red radish.  The sweet crispy vegetables and fresh fruit combined with the salty and smooth ham add a contrasting flavour and a variety of texture to this salad.

Description: Fior di Latte, Porcini Mushroom, Scarmorza, Truffle Oil


This was tasty, crispy and light.  I love cheese on my pizzas, so biting into the liberal chunks of  mozzarella cheese was a treat. Call me greedy or what, I would have liked some more truffle slices and truffle oil on the pizza for a stronger flavour.

3. Gnocchi Melanzane Bufala e Pomodorini


This was a new dish to me and it reminded me of good ol’ comfort food such as baked potatoes and risottos .  The main ingredients are Gnocchi which are various thick, soft dough dumplings, as well as eggplant. This is a pretty dish which is also tangy, wholesome and filling. I felt like I was eating a good flavorsome potato dish.

4. Tiramisu

Description: Tiramisu served the Traditional Way


Tiramisu has always been my favourite flavour for dessert, right after chocolate. This version packs in the right amount of sweetness, lightness, fluffiness, creaminess and liquor to sweep me off my feet.

Another highlight at Pizza Fabbrica, is the recommendation of  food and wine pairings. You can order from a wide range of  brandy, whiskey, vodka, liqueur, tequila, rum, gin, cocktail, sparkling wine, red wine, white wine and dessert wine.


Pizza Fabbrica’s Managing Director, Mr Sumeet Singla, says that Pizza Fabbrica beautifully sums up his passion for Italian food created from  fresh produce, home-made and traditional recipes. The restaurant uses imported ingredients from Australia and New Zealand. Their Italian pizzas fall into a range of classical, gourmet and seasonal pizzas with popular topping such as truffle and unique ones such as pumpkin-cream.


Sumeet relates, “I met Chef Matteo who was then working in Europe. We came up with this concept of a place with a fine-dining menu offered in a casual setting. The direction we are heading towards is using authentic Italian ingredients. Our seasonal menus with unusual ingredients are something different that we do. For example, with our desserts, we marinate berries in Sambuca (liquor) and add saffron (spice) to panna cotta.”

Look out for Pizza Fabrricca’s salivation -worthy menus at: http://pizzafabbrica.sg/

The outlet is located at:

69/70 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199482
Tel: +65 6291 0434
Email: [email protected]