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#TheyAllSay Singapore’s $1 coin is a Chinese ba gua

Look at your $1 coin closely. Doesn’t matter if it’s the old one or the new one. If you have both, even better, put the two side by side and scrutinise them.

Can you see the golden hexagon circumscribing our coat of arms?
Can you see the golden hexagon circumscribing our coat of arms?

Do you see something similar in both of them?

Yes, the Singapore $1 coin has gold hexagon which circumscribes an inner circle. Do you know why?

Well, it’s because #TheyAllSay that the one-dollar coin came into circulation at the time when the MRT was being constructed on the island. A certain expert at fengshui, Reverend Hong, was said to have taken lots of readings. He said that the proposed constellation of MRTs tunnels and the huge amount of metal being driven deep into the Singapore bed rock would sever Singapore’s Dragon Vein – which would be very bad for the nation.

A bagua, commonly used in fengshui
A ba gua, commonly used in fengshui

He then offered the following advice: “If you want to continue with the project, then you must give every Singaporean household – Indian, Malay, Eurasian, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim – every single one of them a Chinese Ba Gua. Or else Singapore will sink.”

Now, honestly, if you were to distribute a ba gua to everyone, it will offend a lot of people. And that’s why #TheyAllSay that this is why the $1 coin is hexagonal – so that everyone, regardless of race and religion, will have a ba gua to prevent Singapore from sinking.

Interesting myth. And even more interesting that the new $1 coin design has retained the gold hexagon in its design. But if you ask me, it’s gonna take more than just fengshui to keep Singapore and her economy afloat, don’t you think?

Don’t anyhow believe in myth and hearsay.




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