Those of us who have jobs which require reliable, 24/7 Internet access will be able to understand what I mean when I say that travelling overseas exposes one to the vulnerability of being disconnected from the world.

Ironic, I know. You’re travelling to see the world, but without reliable Internet, you might as well be walking off the tip of Tierra del Fuego. Obviously, I’m not considering data roaming as an affordable option. The price of $20/day (that’s SingTel’s DataRoam Saver rate for China) means $140 for a one-week trip!

When I was still writing for the newspaper, I remember having to log on to the company’s intranet system the moment I touched down in order to plug queries the editor had for my stories. I remember being frustrated about having to contend with a slow connection, and being exasperated when I had to catch a bus or train almost immediately after my connection had stabilised. And of course, most of the time, there would be no Internet connection in the mode of transportation! Too bad if your journey is long.

Those of us who are more savvy travellers might point out to me that I can purchase a prepaid 3G/4G SIM card at one’s destination. But don’t forget that there are places like China where purchasing a local SIM is not a straightforward and inexpensive affair. Also, relying on the fact that you can get hold of a local SIM card is a bit of a gamble. There’s the long queue at the airport convenience stores, and sometimes they could be sold out.

That’s why I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that travellers can rent a global wifi router at Changi Airport’s Changi Recommends counter. This device gives you data connection while you are on the go while overseas. The travel router allows users to connect up to 8 mobile devices (laptop, tablet and smartphones).

Switched on the router at HK International Airport!

Switched on the router at HK International Airport!

I got to try it out for myself last week when I travelled to Hong Kong for a junket trip, and this router gets two thumbs up from me.


1. Hassle-free registration when connecting to the router for the first time – the password is printed on a label stuck to the device.

2. Incurs no roaming or cellular data charges whatsoever! No need to change SIM card!

3. I was amazed that I could get wifi going on the roads, in the mountains, in the countryside, at the beach and in the city. Everywhere.

4. Durable battery lasts 12h before the next recharge.

5. Really supports multiple devices without compromising connection speed. This means you can share the cost of renting the router with your travel companions!

6. Strong wifi connection is available without having to take the device out of your bag. As long as one is within a 5m radius, the coupled devices will be able to pick up the connection.

7. Can just pick up the router at Terminal 2 Departure Hall before taking off.

8. Router is usable in the 14 markets Singaporeans often travel to: UK, US, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, HK, Japan, Philippines and Australia.

9. Rates are very reasonable: $12/day for non-European markets and $25/day for European markets. Details can be found here:


1. Can’t really think of any… All sorts of adapters are packed inside the pouch the wifi router comes in. Thoughtful service!

I could upload pictures to Flickr in the bus. I could check my trading position and technically continue trading throughout the whole journey without interruption. I could log onto Google Maps on my phone, even in the remote countryside. I broke the ice with my fellow travellers because I offered them free wifi connection. Overall, I was a truly happy, connected camper.

Wifi router works on the go, in the bus

Wifi router works on the go, in the bus

WhatsApp-ing my sis from HK with a wifi connection in the bus

WhatsApp-ing my sis from HK with a wifi connection in the bus

To get your own overseas router, reservations have to be made at least three days in advance (for inbound and outbound). As for last minute passengers, simply approach the associates at Changi Recommends counter located at the T2 Departure Hall.

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