Joy to the (Seafood) World – Joyden Seafood Restaurant @ West Coast

I have a love-hate relationship with seafood.

You see, I used to be allergic to seafood when I was younger. (Or so I think?) I would break out in rashes whenever I tried my mouth on seafood like crab meat, especially. That allergy, however, subsided when I got older. (Yay to stronger immunity! ) Although I wouldn’t rush to queue up for good lobsters or crabs, I would not say no to a big fat crab bathed in rich, luxurious pumpkin milk.

Like this one.

The new orange tastes marvellous

You can start “clawing” away this one-of-a-kind delicacy at Joyden Seafood Restaurant (formerly West Coast Seafood). Renamed in June 2013, Joyden Seafood Restaurant now cooks up a new menu to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

So, when I was invited to try out the revamped menu at Joyden, I could tell that my tummy was overjoyed (if it has feelings, that is). What’s more, I’m a true blue Westie who resides in the West, so I couldn’t hide my excitement when I know that West Coast has a seafood haven tucked right within the all-too-familiar West Coast Recreation Centre.

One of my favourite dishes is this, the Oyster Sauce Chicken. Trust me, I’ve tasted enough oyster sauce to know what’s good for your palette. This, ladies and gentlemen, is essentially a whole bird stuffed with chives and garlic cloves, roasted and then braised for three hours in superior oyster sauce. I would say the meat is tender enough for both young and old alike. So sink your teeth into one of these birds one day. A cooked one of course.


Sizzling and saucy. What’s not to like?

Yam Rings bring back good old memories. They are traditional for a reason – you could find them in practically any zhi char back then. However, for some reason, finding one is almost like playing treasure hunting these days. Especially with the popup trend of cafes and bistros, to find authentic traditional Chinese food is no longer an easy feat. Which was why I looked forward to the next dish. The Lemongrass Pork Ribs in Crispy Yam Ring is your best bet to a succulent treat. Crowned with pieces of pork ribs that have been sauteed with fragrant lemongrass, ginger flower, chilli, Chinese wine and molasses, this dish has just the right crisp.

Anything with lemongrass should taste nice, no?


That night though, the “black horse” IMO, was the Steamed Lobster with Glutinous Treasure Rice. I like the combination of glutinous rice and plump lobster meat infused with garlic, dried shrimps and Chinese sausages. I don’t think I have to say much about this, but coming from a not-much-of-a-seafood-kind-of-guy, you just have to trust me on this one.

Prepare to go gaga over this loblob


Yet another crabby meal that deserves some recognition is the Crab and Vermicelli Braised with Ginger and Spring Onion. Crab lovers would have probably tried a beehoon mix before. This is also another must try. It’s a simpler, comforting take for those seeking lighter flavours, for it is braised with vermicelli, ginger, and spring onions and covered with generous scattering of garlic.

Looking majestic there aye?


Last but not least, I would like to give a special mention to the Deep Fried Soon Hock Fish in Superior Soy Sauce with Scallions. Chinese foodies would know that the Soon Hock is a staple in every Chinese restaurant. And this one has the right makings of a  chef’s mastery with the wok. I like how it still remains crispy while soaked in superior soy sauce. In fact, the sauce is a pretty good complement.

Not your typical ‘pirate’


I hope these are enough to whet your appetite for now. If not, why not head down to Joyden Seafood Restaurant at West Coast Recreation Centre yourself? Who knows, you may be able to fish out other wondrous seafood! Till then, do remember to update me, especially if you are in a mood to give free treats. Thank you very much.


Joyden Seafood Restaurant is located at 12 West Coast Walk, #01-11, West Coast Recreation Centre, Singapore 127157. Visit their website at



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