[Sponsored Video] Wall’s presents Chain of Joy - Alvinology

[Sponsored Video] Wall’s presents Chain of Joy

Singapore is not exactly a country known for being caring and generous. We are definitely not the worst in the world, but I would say most of us are just apathetic. We are not unkind or ungiving, just too caught up with our hectic work-life that we seldom have time to stop for anything else.

It for this reason that we have the Singapore Kindness Movement as well as the much-maligned “citizen journalism” website, STOMP. Many people have criticised STOMP and wants it to be shut down because of its apparent gutter content which tend to bring out the ugliest side of Singaporeans and our society. The way I see it, if ungracious and selfish behaviours cease to exist in Singapore, STOMP would have no content. What’s the point of shooting the messenger?

Wi[Sponsored Video] Wall’s presents Chain of Joy - Alvinologyth the National Day just round the corner, are we Singaporeans really so cold, selfish and uncaring as many perceive us to be? Are we always too busy to lend a helping hand?

To shatter this conception, Wall’s recently launched a “Chain of Joy” campaign. The heart-shaped logo of Wall’s is a sign that says ‘”here there’s joy!”, hence this campaign is an extension of the brand itself and Wall’s brand value. Nifty.

How does this campaign works?

Pay it forward. With a stick of Wall’s Magnum.

Check out this video whereby the ice cream that customers bought were already paid for by the previous customer, with a hidden camera capturing all the emotions and reactions when they were informed accordingly:

Fun isn’t it? It’s interesting to learn that 98% of the customers said YES to surprise someone else and bring a moment of joy in their life. We Singaporeans just need a little push, a little motivation.

[Sponsored Video] Wall’s presents Chain of Joy - Alvinology

In this instance, Wall’s is the one which provided the impetus for a little kind act for the next random stranger whom the giver has not met and would probably never meet. From a little boy, each of these individuals helped in spreading the “Chain of Joy”. Would you have done the same? Why not share this blog post or the video, using #wallschainofjoy to spread this message and share the joy with more people? It just might bring a little smile on their face and brighten up their day for all you know. I have done my part with the sharing. 🙂

If you like this “Chain of Joy” campaign by Wall’s, do show them some love by liking their official Facebook Page. 

More about Wall’s and Magnum:

Launched in 1989, Magnum was the first ice cream on a stick designed especially for adults. Today, it’s is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling around one billion units a year all over the world – and we’re committed to sourcing all the cocoa used in Magnum from sustainable farms by 2015.

Wall’s as a brand aims at inspiring people to take a moment away from seriousness, stress, duties, expectations… just like when you’re holding an ice cream. The heart-shaped logo of Wall’s is a sign that says ‘here there’s joy!’ The products of Wall’s are sold in more than 40 countries around the world, under different local names.

This post sponsored by Wall’s. 

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