Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology

Summer Sumptuous @ Nando’s

Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology
Nando’s @ NEX shopping mall

Being the foodie that I am, I regretted not having tasted much of Nando’s previously. The closest I had was a pack of nachos at the cinema. But that’s not the point. The point is, I rarely turn down a free meal. And when the invite came to check out Nando’s latest coop at NEX, I took the offer quite unabashedly. And boy, I must say it was a good start to my mini weekend (Thursday)!


Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology
Menu cover of the Espetada Carnival


Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology
The Espetada Carnival looks just as interesting as it tastes

The highlight of our meal was the Espetada Carnival which consists of the tender flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs generously stuffed with garlic, parsley and feta cheese, skewered in between mixed peppers. The side is the Pumpkin and Grilled Corn, something to sweeten the spice. I also opted for the Spicy Mango Sangria Designer Drink, which I think was a good complement. Being a ‘cheese’ person (but not cheesy definitely), I loved it. Also, I was told that not everyone would be able to taste the spiciness in the mango drink, so I was slightly proud of that achievement (cheap thrill, I know).


Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology
Hot or not? You decide.

Nando’s fans would probably swear by their Peri-Peri sauce, which ranges from Mild to Extra Hot, or if you like it more exotic, Garlic and Wild Herb. Being the not-so-adventurous sort when it comes to chilli-in-my-tummy, I tried the mild hot Peri-Peri sauce and found that it definitely helped to enhance the taste of the chicken meat. I tasted lemon and garlic, which is indeed a wonderful combination that worked wonders for my tastebuds.


Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology
The story behind Peri-Peri

When I surveyed the eatery, I had an impression that Nando’s has this sort of tribal vibe that I couldn’t quite put across. Well, I guess the background story of how Peri-Peri sauce came about does explain things a little. Moreover, the tantalising story of Peri-Peri flame-grilled chicken started in Rosettenville, South Africa in 1987, when Robert Brozin was invited by his good friend Fernando Duarte to sample this unique Afro-Portuguese style chicken. The two buddies bought the restaurant in a heartbeat, determined to change the way the world thinks about chicken, which remains the cornerstone of the Nando’s mission till today.


Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology
Cosy art decor at NEX’s Nando’s

I especially liked the fact that the interior designs of Nando’s outlets have this artsy appeal to them, and I heard each outlet has a unique theme. Indeed, not only is the meal palatable, the eyes get to feast at the same time.


Summer Sumptuous @ Nando's - Alvinology
We had a Peri-full meal

So yes, would I check back for more gastronomical delights? Definitely. For now though, I’ll leave you to think about your next big meal. I dare you to challenge your mates to up the spicy level in your meal, but count me out on this one. Thank you PERi much. 🙂


Available now until 28 June 2014, enjoy the Espetada Carnival with 2 sides at $22.90 or complete the meal with a Spicy Mango Sangria at $25.90. Available at all Nando’s outlets.

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