When I saw the invite to the launch of Herbalife SKIN last month, I just thought “Herbalife” sounded really familiar and googled it.

I then realized that it’s the very same brand that my mum has been using for the past decade; she’s a big fan of their Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink range — the meal replacement shakes that got Herbalife world famous. Here’s a visual that might jog your memory:

Herbalife Mixed Soy Milk Powder range

Herbalife Mixed Soy Milk Powder range

After about 32 years in the business of strengthening consumer’s constitution and health from within with its line of food supplements, Herbalife finally came up with skincare to beautify us all from without.

Herbalife SKIN - Asia Pacific debut in Singapore

Herbalife SKIN – Asia Pacific debut in Singapore

Herbalife SKIN is created on the basis of helping consumers achieve healthier, younger-looking skin in the fastest way possible.

And after years of research, the scientists at Herbalife found the optimum blend of Vitamin B3 (a de-stressing antioxidant), Vitamin C and E coupled with aloe vera and other botanical ingredients is the holy grail to efficacious skin care.

What accompanies the 10 SKIN products is a clear step-by-step instruction manual that teaches beauty rookies, or time-starved new mummies like me, the how-tos. Because one simply cannot afford the time to do the 11-step skincare like them Korean ladies.

I have to be honest I have yet to try all 10 products but so far, the Polishing Citrus Cleanser and Instant Reveal Berry Scrub have been godsends.

Herbalife SKIN Instant Reveal Berry Scrub, $34.84

Herbalife SKIN Instant Reveal Berry Scrub, $34.84

Child-birthing and rearing have not been kind to my skin, which is showing signs of fatigue and has this perpetual grayish mien, and I was hard-pressed for a good cleanser to start the first-step of my daily beauty routine right.

Other than the invigorating scents of grapefruit, orange and berry of the cleanser and scrub, I feel my skin does feel a lot fresher (without the tight and dry feeling that I tend to get with cleansers that are way too harsh – yes, postpartum skin tends to be a little wussy. You have to be a bit gentler on it.) and cleaner, so that the products that I use after this step do feel like they get absorbed better and faster.

I think it has to do a lot with the coconut-derived cleansing ingredients used in the Polishing Citrus Cleanser and Instant Reveal Berry Scrub — why Herbalife could claim their products are sulfate-free.

Once my current serum, moisturizer and eye-cream get used up, I will next be trying Herbalife SKIN’s Firming Eye Gel, Line Minimizing Serum, Daily Glow Moisturizer and Purifying Mint Clay Mask in the hopes of getting my lackluster skin back on track!

Herbalife SKIN’s products retails from $34.84 to $100.19 and you can find out where exactly to purchase them from the Singapore website: www.herbalife.com.sg