LightSeeker Musical @ Resorts World Sentosa - Alvinology

LightSeeker Musical @ Resorts World Sentosa

Catching Lightseeker musical at Resorts World Sentosa
Catching Lightseeker musical at Resorts World Sentosa

The LightSeeker Musical is an original multi-million dollars production of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Key talents behind the production include Dick Lee as songwriter and Bang Wen Fu as the orchestrator and arranger.

The musical tells of a simple, traditional good triumphs over evil story with an Avatar-like fantasy setting. In fact, watching the musical felt like walking through a Final Fantasy video game for me.

LightSeeker Musical @ Resorts World Sentosa - Alvinology

Against 54 different stunning computer generated backdrops and 281 trillion flashing LED lights, the musical brings together diverse talented individuals performing amazing acrobatics and mesmerising dance sequences.

The musical features an international cast of West End performers such as Vivienne Carlyle who plays Usha, the lead villain. The Scottish actress-singer has performed in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (West End debut) and Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco, among other performances.


In this fantastic and magical world, a terrifying warrior called the General pursues a precious energy that will make his ominous Emperor more powerful. His quest leads him to Nova, an enigmatic girl, who seems to have the ability to create The Light.

A battle for The Light ensues and he captures Nova, and tries to force her to conjure up The Light. He soon discovers that not only is he unable to control her, her presence calls into question the only world he has ever known. He must make the ultimate choice – be secure in the dark world he knows, or embrace a new world with The Light.

The story is on the safe side, with a Disney-type narrative. This compromise makes it suitable for audiences of all ages, including young children. I watched it with Rachel and Asher and my boy was mesmerised by the performances from start till end, glued to the screen. The acrobatic performances were particularly stunting visual treats, coupled with dazzling lights and sound effects.

Asher waiting for the show to start
Asher waiting for the show to start

We had the rare opportunity to go backstage where we got a glimpse of the production and met with the cast and crew. Carlyle was a darling; chatting with everyone, obliging for pictures during her break while she was busy preparing for the next showtime:


[image_slider link=”” source=””] Rachel and Asher meets Carlyle [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Carlyle’s head dresses [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Lots of people in her room [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Carlyle’s stage outfits [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Answering queries [/image_slider]


For all the glam and fanfare on stage, a lot goes on behind-the-scene. This is the largest home-grown musical of this scale and a lot of the work is done in-house, including the designing and making of the costumes, hair and make-up.

Wardrobe and costumes:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Costume photos [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] In-house costume department [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] In-house tailor [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Sewing machines [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Colourful threads [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Costumes room [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Head gears [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Armour and such [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Villains’ armours [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Racks and racks of costumes [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Costumes with names [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

Hair and make-up:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Make-up staff’s office [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Make-up kit [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] In-house salon [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Make-up tables [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Asher is intrigued by the wigs [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

As the Lightseeker musical comes with lots of acrobatic moves, RWS provided the performers with an in-house physiotherapist to ensure they are in good shape and health plus provided them with training facilities:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Quick change area and dance studio [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Acrobat training studio [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Training trampoline [/image_slider]

[image_slider link=”” source=””] Physio equipment [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Private physiotherapist for the performers [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

The stage is huge, spanning a couple of floors, with an elevator backstage for the cast and crew to move around quickly.

Front stage:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Rachel with me on the stage [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Thousands of little plastic bits [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Stage props [/image_slider]

[image_slider link=”” source=””] Stage weapons [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Asher walking round the stage [/image_slider]

[image_slider link=”” source=””] Earpieces and microphones for the cast [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] View of the stage when it is empty [/image_slider]


Back stage:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Basement floor below the stage floor [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Our guide from RWS [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Asher choreographing his own kungfu moves [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Lift module [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Old props [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Storage area [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

The Lightseeker Musical is now showing in Resorts World Sentosa till 23 Mar 2014. More details on the show and ticketing are available on the official website. Go catch it. 🙂

28 Nov 2013 – 23 Mar 2014

Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri – 8pm
17 Mar 2014 – No Show
Sat & Sun – 3pm & 8pm
Wed – No Shows

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