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PasarBella & Friends Go To Town @ Marina Bay Sands

PasarBella and Friends Go To Town
PasarBella & Friends Go To Town

Have you heard of PasarBella?

Nestled within the rustic enclave of The Grandstand (the former Turf Club), PasarBella is the first multi-sensory grocery shopping destination in Singapore, to the like of Greenwich Market in London and Paddington Market in Sydney.

PasarBella is a warm community-based market that puts a roof over a myriad of traders offering seafood, meat, dairy, fresh produce, wines, craft beers, global cuisines and complementary personal services.

Tucked away in The Grandstand for a year now, the traders have decided to take a breath of fresh air – they are bringing PasarBella to town at Marina Bay Sands!

I was there at their opening event on 7 Mar. PasarBella & Friends Go To Town will be on till 30 March, in conjunction with the iLight Marina Bay 2014 festival.

Despite the haze, the traders did their best to put on a good show:

[image_sliders] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Entrance [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Haze? It’s okay, the show must go on  [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Food stall  [/image_slider]

[image_slider link=”” source=””] Pastries and crafts, side-by-side [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Eating and drinking area  [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”” source=””] Ice-cream  [/image_slider] [/image_sliders]

I know about PasarBella before this event, but I have not visited them at the Grandstand previously. The mix of traders and the varied stuff they touted were pretty interesting. If you happen to be in the Marina Bay area, do check out PasarBella & Friends Go To Town for a preview of the real thing at The Grandstand.

PasarBella & Friends Go To Town is located at the Event Plaza outdoor area of Marina Bay Sands on the first floor.

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