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Who is SGK5423P Zhen Hao Quek?

Zhen Hao Quek is a the driver of a Honda Civic car in Singapore with the plate number, SGK5423P.

He is gaining notoriety on the internet as an alleged serial road bully and Ah Beng in Singapore who bears a striking resemblance to the despotic Supreme Leader of North Korean, Kim Jong-un.

Quek had been caught on video in two instances of alleged road bullying on THE SAME DAY, both of which showed him aggressively driving in front of another car and jam braking abruptly:

After the video posts featuring his stunt driving went viral and were reported by many news publications in Singapore, Quek made a video claiming to be the victim of online bullying and attempts to justify his driving antics. He also apologised for his actions and asked the public to stop harassing his family members and his girlfriend:

I am not going to join in on lynch mobbing Quek. The law will deal with him if he is proven guilty. The police in Singapore takes a serious view of road bullying.

If you are the victim of road bullying, do no panic.  You should avoid engaging the other party with confrontational gestures, expressions or behaviour. Instead, note down the vehicle number of the road bully and lodge a report with police.

To lodge a report, you can call 999, visit the nearest police station, or visit the Electronic Police Centre online.

If you have any in-car video footage or other evidence, make these available to the police.

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