Year on Twitter 2013 - Alvinology

Year on Twitter 2013

Year on Twitter 2013 - Alvinology

In addition to the global #2013 #YearOnTwitter announced last week, Twitter has just launched the round-up of some the most popular local conversations and trends in Singapore and the some of the people who are driving them.

The list features popular local celebrities and politicians on the platform, and what Singaporeans are talking about in terms of local news stories, events and other categories.

Without further ado, here’s the list:



The haze that enveloped Singapore in mid-July, hitting the highest Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) levels in the last 16 years has been much talked about among Singaporeans. Singaporean then reacted in their usual manner, a mix of panic and humour.

The McDonald’s Hype

Long queues outside McDonald’s were a common sight in Singapore this year with the launch of limited edition Hello Kitty plush toys and Gru’s minions from the Despicable Me movies. Singaporeans have a healthy appetite for queues and some even started queuing in the early morning just to get their hands on these limited edition toys.


The SingTel Hawker Heroes Challenge was held in July this year. The highlight of the event was the showdown between TV celebrity and Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay and pitting his skills against a group of elected food hawkers in Singapore! Speculations on the final winner of the challenge created a lot of hype on Twitter and the Team Singapore Hawkers took home the title. It’s no surprise when Gordon Ramsay shared, “If you want real food in Singapore, get it at the hawker stores.”

Little India Riot

The Indian national whose death had triggered riots in Singapore’s Little India has become one of the most talked about stories for 2013, with publications using Twitter to get different perspectives as the situation developed.


Formula One race

This year’s Formula One race is becoming one of Singapore most anticipated yearly events, not just for racing junkies, but also for the number of concerts and satellite events that come along with it.

Colour Run

Another international event that came to our shores in 2013, was the Colour Run, a 5km paint race when runners are showered in colored powder at stations. All this, for a good cause, supporting project Happy Feet.


The annual event has reached it’s 13th edition this year and attracted it’s biggest crowd ever, with over 41,000 attendees. Even guests from overseas, like @csugiono, partied hard at the event!



A familiar face on local TV and a two-time winner of Best Actress – Star Awards, Joanne Peh has become one of the most followed local celebrities on Twitter, with other local personalities making regular appearances on her Twitter Feed.


If you love a good party, then definitely check out Nicole Chen’s Twitter. The model-turned-DJ talks about the latest parties around town and you can even find out more about her own mixes that she regularly shares.


One of Singapore’s most controversial figures of 2013, Pastor Kong Hee has been battling allegations of misuse of Church funds. While he has never addressed allegations directly on Twitter, his Twitter feed remains upbeat and gives an interesting insight into this year’s most talked about figure.



As the most followed local politician, Lee Hsien Loong’s Twitter feed keeps followers up to date on his very busy schedule. It’s also nice to know that even Prime Ministers are not immune to the allure of taking selfies.


This MP from the Worker’s Party is no stranger to social media, being a blogger since 2006. His Twitter feed gives followers an insight into what’s happening with the worker’s party, as well as to reach out to his supporters.


While the Prime Minister has taken selfies, MP Baey Yam Keng took the title of most prolific selfie-r. The MP of Tampines has not only built up a reputation as being one of the more social media aware politicians, but his selfies have even spawned “fan sites”


As the Nominated Member of Parliament representing the Arts Community and as a local artists in her own rights, Janice Koh’s Twitter feed is a pretty good barometer for how the local Art scene is doing.

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