Ayataka - Heaven and Earth's newest Japanese Green Tea - Alvinology

Ayataka – Heaven and Earth’s newest Japanese Green Tea

Ayataka - Heaven and Earth's newest Japanese Green Tea - AlvinologyCoca-Cola Singapore recently announced the launch of Ayataka, a ready-to-drink Japanese Green Tea bearing the taste and cloudiness of authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea.

Ayataka is the newest addition to the Heaven and Earth tea range, which includes other drinks such as Jasmine Green Tea, Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Passionfruit tea and Honey Chamomile Green Tea.

Ayataka is described by Coca-Cola as  brewed using carefully selected tea leaves, contains no preservatives and is calorie free. By gently swirling the product before drinking, you can see the cloudiness and enjoy the experience of drinking traditional green tea on-the-go.

I tried Ayataka and like the fact that it is not sweet. I like drinking tea, but I find many of the canned or bottled tea drinks too sweet for my liking. Ayataka is a nice addition to a narrow list of non-sweet tea options for me.

The part on the cloudiness is interesting, but I do not find it necessary to masquerade the drink into authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea which it is obviously not. It works for other consumers though – like the 100 maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha) whom Coca-Cola said it did a taste test with:

“In a taste test conducted in Kyoto, Japan, with 100 maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha), Ayataka emerged amongst other leading Japanese green tea brands in Singapore as the closest to authentic Japanese teapot brewed tea, as well as the best tasting Japanese green tea.”

Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea comes in 315ml cans, 500ml bottles and 1.5L bottles. It is sold at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and coffee shops across Singapore and is priced from S$0.75 to S$1.75.

In conjunction with Ayataka’s launch, from 20th August to 15th October 2013, consumers will stand the chance to win authentic Japanese experiences that include a trip to Japan, Japanese spa treatments, as well as Japanese dining vouchers. Visit the official Coca-Cola Singapore website for more details.

Ayataka - Heaven and Earth's newest Japanese Green Tea - Alvinology


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