Happy birthday Singapore!

The theme for this year’s National Day Parade is “Many Stories, One Singapore”. To join in the celebration, here is a list of 48 Singapore blogs I read (in random order):

Online comedian Aaron Tan 'wongs' you to read these blogs

Online comedian Aaron Tan ‘wongs’ you to read these blogs

1. Alex Au – Yawning Bread: The top socio-political blog in Singapore.

2. Bertha Henson – Bertha Harian: Interesting Singapore commentary blog by a former top journalist and editor at the Straits Times.

3. Lucky Tan – Diary of a Singapore Mind: Socio-political blog with an acidic and witty undertone.

4. Lee Kin Mun – Mr Brown: The grandfather of Singapore’s blogosphere and online socio-political satire.

5. Anon – Feed Me to The Fish: Socio-political blog in operation since 2007. The writer passed away early this year. RIP.

6. Gintai – Gintai_昇泰: Vocal SMRT train officer and ex-policeman who happens to blog.

7. Kenneth Jeyaretnam – Son of A Dud: Eldest son of veteran opposition politician, J.B. Jeyaretnam, secretary-general of the Reform Party and hedge fund manager with impression double first class honours from Cambridge University.

8. Catherine Ling – Cameberu: One of the finest food blog in Singapore.

9. Brad Lau – Ladyironchef: Food blog with great listings of top restaurants and places to visit.

10. Veron Ang – Sparklette.net: Food blog with frequently updated princess theme blog skins.

11. Dr. Leslie Tay – ieatishootipost: Food and photography blog with a focus on Singapore hawker fares and their heritage.

12. Daniel Ang – Daniel Food Diary: Food blog by a multi-disciplinary media person who can write in both English and Chinese as well as host radio shows.

13. Maureen Ow – Miss Tam Chiak: Food blog by an ex-colleague from my paper who can write in both English and Chinese.

14. Darren Ng – Celebrate Lah: Lifestyle and travel blog with superb photography and writing.

15. Eunice Khong – Travelerfolio: One of the best known travel blog in Singapore. 

16. Melissa Koh – Melicacy: Food blog by a young, single tai-tai. 

17. Irene Santoso – Moonberry: Very tastefully designed and maintained lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog by a US expat designer living here in Singapore.

18. Peter Breitkreutz – Aussiepete: Localised expat Aussie blogger who lives in the HDB heartland in Singapore with his wife and two sons.

19. Goh Yongwei – Do Not Feed, Dieting: My favourite fat blogger who is constantly in the process of losing weight.

20. Ai – Sakura Haruka: Prolific mummy blogger.

21. William Tan – Only William: Prolific lifestyle blogger with a sunshine smile.

22.  Christine Ng – Yummy Chrispytine: Bold, liberal-minded blogger who writes about all kind of taboo topics.

23. Smith Leong – Smith Thank You: Tiko blogger who blogs about sex and all things naughty.

24. The Ninja Girls: Ninja Girls: A group of japanese girls documenting their experience living and working in Singapore.

25. Jerome Lim: The Long and Winding Road: A blog documenting Singapore history. Reading this blog is like a walk down memory lane.

26. Chua Chim Kang: Chimology: Chinese commentary blog written by the editor of Lianhe Wanbao and omy.sg.

27. Jayley Woo – JayleyWooJiaqi: One half of the Jayley Hayley blogging twin sisters.

28. Hayley Woo – HayleyWooJiayi: The other half of the Jayley Hayley blogging twin sisters.

29. Ang Geck Geck – A Female Cat Roars, Louder than Before: Film director, stylist, artist and modeling blogger.

30. Hong Qiuting – BongQiuQiu: Lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog with eccentric, quirky and entertaining writings.

31. Edmund Tay – Edunloaded: Prolific father blogger who is also a church pastor.

32. Grace Tan – Working with Grace: Hardworking blogger with lifestyle and business focus.

33. Regina Chow – Shopping Queen’s Haven: I usually don’t read pinkish blogs, but Regina’s shopping is an exception.

34. Fei Zhu – Timeless Facade: Atas food blogger.

35. Rockson Takumi Tan – Talk Rock:  Veteran Ah Beng blogger.

36. Derrick Tan – SG Food on Foot: Food blog focused on restaurants near to MRT stations and accessible locations.

37. Kirsten Han – #spuddings: Socio-political blogger by a young, liberal-leaning Singaporean.

38. Peggy Chang – Six Pegs: Lifestyle blog with a zest to life.

39. Silver Ang – That Silver Girl: Blogging actress and show host.

40. Holly Jean Aroozoo – Holly Jean: Teacher turned lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger.

41. Gordon Ho – Gordonator: My favourite Singapore otaku blog.

42. Wendy Cheng – Xiaxue: Queen of Singapore blogs.

43. Bing – Story of Bing: Singaporean lady documenting her experience living overseas.

44. Jacqueline Wong – Behind the Basics: She is funny and pretty random.

45. Darren Ang – Darren Bloggie: One of the most vain male bloggers I know.

46. Daphne – Mitsueki: Newbie blogger who only started her blog in November 2012, but I like her content and the hardwork she put in.

47. Mint Leong – Hello I’m Mint Leong: Lifestyle and music blogger on chasing her musical dream in pragmatic Singapore.

48. omy.sg – omy Blog Club: Where it all begun for many of the bloggers here in Singapore.

I definitely read more blogs than these, but I only have space for 48 this year. If you are not listed, don’t be offended my friend. I will try to do a list like this every National Day from now on – that is one more blog each year. 🙂