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Top 5 Winners and Losers from the Haze

Even in the worst of situation, there will be winners and there will be losers. With the haze reaching record high hazardous level, there are still some people who benefit at the expense of others.

Top 5 Winners:

5. Food delivery services. Nobody wants to step out of their houses to get food.

4. Shops and retailers selling masks of all kind, but particularly those selling the N95.

3. Shops and retailers selling air purifiers. These are sold out island-wide.

2. Indonesia Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare, Agung Laksono. He gets to call Singapore childish.

1. Singapore Powers. With so many households and offices turning on their air-con 24-7 to escape the haze, they must be making a killing. Moreover, they won’t have issues with insufficient stock and need not spend on advertising.

Top 5 Winners and Losers from the Haze - Alvinology

Top 5 losers:

5. People who have to work outdoor like those in construction and cleaning.

4. People running outdoor recreation businesses like bicycle and kayak rental.

3. Great Singapore Sale. I don’t think Singaporeans are in the mood for shopping right now.

2. People with respiratory and health issues; young children and the elderly.

1. Vivian Balakrishnan,  Singapore Minister for Environment and Water Resources. The haze is not his fault! I know Singaporeans like to complain, but why are you barking up the wrong tree?

  1. The haze is not a first occurrence. If there is an air-borne epidemic and energy from the burning push the pressure of the smoke and the virus broke through the sea barrier, and Singapore still never has any technical preparation…

    Then die lor.

    If the haze hits 500 and beyond, then die lor.

    If Cecilia Sue kena forced down to the pants 4 times for a blowjob, it may not be Cecilia Sue’s wish to suck, but why still went into the car?

    Barking up the wrong tree…?

    Look at the chaos in ‘helping’ the people fight haze when the people go hysterical…

    Is this looking like very sound leadership and management?

    What if it’s a leak of Sarin gas?

    Alvin, what do you think?

    You mean by now NEA hasn’t any way to monitor smoke coming from Indonesia?

    The PSI 3hrs hits about 401, and 1hr PSI hits like 450… for 3 hrs workers would be working under hazardous condition, and there is no one issuing stop-work order. Instead, 24hr PSI is used…

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