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3 x 15cm Emicakes’ Choco Truffle Dream Giveaway on Alvinology.com!

Emicakes, well-known in Singapore for their popular durian cakes, has recently launched a Choco Truffle Dream cake and they are partnering with Alvinology.com to do a giveaway for readers!

Emicakes' Choco Truffle Dream cake
Emicakes’ Choco Truffle Dream cake

Other than their signature durian cakes, Emicakes offer a wide selection of other cakes including their own lower cholesterol chiffon+ cakes and eggless cakes. You can find out more on their official website or Facebook page. 

This Choco Truffle Dream cake, made with dark chocolate mousse and dark chocolate pieces in between fluffy chocolate mousse is part of their commitment to constantly re-invent their products to bring new recipes, flavours and designs.

I received my Choco Truffle Dream cake, sent to my door about a week ago. I shared it with my wife and our parents when they came visiting. Everyone finished up their slice of cake to the last morsel.

I find the cake sinfully rich in chocolate and makes for a perfect after meal dessert.

I appreciate the stronger tasting dark chocolate instead of the usual sweet milk chocolate which I often find too sugary for my liking.

Check out the pictures I took of the cake:

This showed up at my door a week ago from Emicakes
This showed up at my door a week ago from Emicakes
Close-up of the chocolate cake
Close-up of the chocolate cake
Slicing it up for sharing
Slicing it up for sharing
The inside of the cake
The inside of the cake

Can’t resist trying it for yourself?

You can order one directly from Emicakes’ official online website. Alternatively, I am also giving away 3 x 15cm Chocolate Truffle Dream cakes here.

To win, simply do the following:

1. Like Emicakes on their Facebook page

2. Leave a comment on the Facebook page linking to this blog post and state why you would like to try the Chocolate Truffle Dream cake

3. email me at al[email protected] to alert me that you have done step 1 and 2

That’s it!

I will close the contest by next Friday (25 Jan). This gives about two weeks to send in your entries. Hurry and join now! 🙂

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