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Dian Xiao Er (店小二) Restaurant Grand Reunion (大团圆) Contest

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, restaurant chain, Dian Xiao Er (店小二) is running a Grand Reunion (大团圆) Contest on their Facebook page to give out many attractive prizes!

To win, user plays a virtual host and gets to ‘host’ as many tables as you want, inviting 9 friends to join him/her at each table. Once a table is full, those not on a table can open more table and invite another 9 different friends. Every filled table will be entitled to a lucky draw and the prizes are stated below:

Dian Xiao Er Grand Reunion Contest
Dian Xiao Er Grand Reunion Contest

The mechanism sounds complicated, but it is actually quite easy when you play and experience the game yourself. You may encounter some glitches with the game as I did due to the high volume of users playing the game. No worries, sit back, relax and try again. There is still time till the contest deadline.

Have fun playing the game! I hope you get to be among one of the lucky winners. 🙂

Contest Duration:

This contest started on 10 January 2013, at 12.01am (Singapore time) and will end on 9 February 2013 at 11.59pm (Singapore time). Entries shall be deemed to be received at the time of receipt by Dian Xiao Er and not at the time of transmission by the participant.

How To Join:

1. Participants ‘like’ the Dian Xiao Er fan page to enter the contest.

2a. Fan(s) can create or host as many table as they would like to have, with the following options:

Public – anyone can join the table
Friends Only – any friends of the host can join the table
Invitation – only those invited by the host can join the table
*Note: All tables hosted, must not have the same people joining
2b. Fans can also join any table opened to them

Each table can only accomodate up to 10 people including the host, and that table is considered ‘full’.

Once the tables which is ‘full’, the host of that table will be qualified to win the grand prize and the fans of that table will win one of the 9 x S$88 Dian Xiao Er voucher.

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