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Two handsome Singapore boys hog nursing room from breastfeeding mum

Watch and be enraged, especially parents with babies like myself:

These two handsome Singapore boys want fame very much, so please send this picture to everyone you know to make them famous:

We want to be famous - please ID both of us!
We want to be famous – please ID both of us!

If you are able to ID both of them, please leave a comment on this post and I will update accordingly.

Otherwise, I think we should just call them Singapore Breastfeeding Boys since they like to stay in the nursing room so much. Please use the hashtag #SGBreastfeedingBoys when referring to them on Twitter or other social media to make them happy.

It’s tough enough to have a crying baby in toil, not to mention having to deal with boys like these who behave like babies.

The lady who recorded the video was nice enough to talk to them patiently even when one of the brat flicked a middle finger at her. Yet they refused to leave. Goodness…

Update (12 Nov 2012, 8am) – full story via

This happened on 4th november Sunday approximately 2.30pm. My friend sent her elder daughter to the Woodlands Regional Library for a workshop and proceeded to the nursing room located at 4th level, children section to nurse her youngest child.

When she arrived outside the room, she saw the boy (in black shirt)seated comfortably on the sofa playing PSP. She asked if he could please excuse her so she could nurse her baby. The boy frowned at her and said the librarian agreed to let him in.

When my friend again requested for him to leave the room, he retorted by saying ‘I also feeding my baby’ while his eyes were still on his PSP. My friend left, pushing her child in her stroller to the counter to ask for help. The librarian was busy attending to children’s queries and mending books at that time. My friend then returned to the nursing room, thinking the boy could have left and hopefully she can settle her little one.

Upon returning, she saw the nursing room door was closed and both signs on the door was switched to ‘occupied’ (instead of ‘vacant’ as shown earlier) She opened the door gently and was surprised to then see two boys (not one) this time. The second boy looked shocked when he saw my friend. My friend again requested for them to leave the room so she could nurse her baby. They refused and the rest of the story is according to the video.

After the videoing, my friend had no choice but to leave since the boys did not move out. She went back to the librarian and pleaded for her to do something about the matter as she desperately needed to use the room. The librarian went into the nursing room and also politely but firmly asked the boys to leave. The boy in black laughed, threw his hands into the air and said ‘that’s more like it!’ and they left.

When walking out in a threatening manner, the boy in black went close to my friend and said “you better not put me in stomp. My parents are very important people. They are really big people k.”

My friend went into the room and saw Macdonald paper bags, empty paper cups and used tissue papers all over the floor. She had no choice but to nurse her child in that room.

We will definitely be taking action, as we think these two kids should be taking troubled youth treatments immediately. These actions are never ever acceptable.

  1. I hope this news will spread to their schools and their parents. They are rude and bahaved like uneducated brats and deserved to punished accordingly. BTW, if I were the lady, I would have asked for the security.

  2. This is what schools are breeding breeding ” spoilt brats” who think “very important” parents can bail them out. I wonder who the parents are. Rude, foul mouth and spoilt . Not all are but enough of these illm mannered thugs roam around freely. They must be shamed. The library should take a firmer stand. When these jokers do their NS they will get what they deserve, I guess their parnets might send their maids to carry their bags, iron their uniforms etc. What losers.
    The university now gives scholarships freely to those who can afford to pay so they behave as if they re entitled to do as they wish.. The adminstartors have once again shot themselves in the foot.
    They make use of tax payers money for goodness sake. If these 2 fools who the public what they do to enjoy themselves and get “famous” put them up at the zoo. They University admistrators should get a kick on their pants too.

  3. I think the Librarian did not do his job the first time the lady went to make a complaint. If he had attended to the lady the first time, none of this would have taken place.

  4. Boys will be boys, they will act like brats and pricks sometimes. Do they need to be publicly shamed and humiliated for this? Let the parents handle this.

  5. Your parents are so important ppl that they did not have time to teach your proper manners huh? Really pity you n your parents for being such a low life n raising a low life…. Or is it a case of the apple dun fall far fm the tree?

  6. children like them need to be taught a lesson.
    This is actually bullying.
    else they wont stop and will just be worse when they know they can get away with it everytime.

  7. Kids nowadays misused whatever opportunity that was given to them, specially teens nowadays they should be taught what is “NURSING ROOM” & “HANDICAP toilet”. These boys are very RUDE likewise wondering whose the VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. Brats!

  8. oh dun dirty the word handsome.. these 2 @rsewipes , one look like he got a short c@ck on this black face aka peenis face (spelling done intentionally) – he is superbly ugly, and the other, coconut scraper. hope u both die on the mcd’s with stroke and heart attack, u tiny prickks. (spelling done intentionally)

  9. i guess some ppl who are goody goody to these animals are a result of cowardice upbringing. go hide in yr shell lol

  10. Yeah kids will be kids… But this kid needs to be taught some manners. Me and my wife encountered something slightly different at Century Square Tampines. She needed to breastfeed our 6 mth old daughter who was hungry. Went to the Nursing Room at Level 2, it was locked. So we waited outside for our turn, and gently coughed a bit to let the person inside know that we’re waiting for them. Waited about 3 mins, then baby started wailing. Almost immediately the door opened, and a young couple no more than 14 yrs old ran out of the room past us. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Anyway this kid in the video.. time to shame him. I’m sharing this post on FB.

  11. Oh my goodness. This is totally outrageous! I’ve worked with troubled teens, but these two cowards are just plain arrogant and deserved to be spanked. The gang members and druggies i work with at least have a code of people they want to confront, and nursing mothers are not on that list. Parents of these two boys, please, please give them the belt.

  12. if i am not wrong, showing the middle finger can be charge. they need to know they are in the wrong and learn a lesson

  13. Can someone find out who their parents are and how important or big they are. Also find out which school these boys are from…or did they go to any…

  14. When ur parents are very important people what do u do? Point ur middle finger and insult as many people as u can, just to make ur parents proud. 😀 Good job boys!!!!

    People presenting to u the future of Singapore.

  15. Dey! Boy in black! If your parents so important ppl, why you still playing with an outdated PSP? Cannot afford to buy you the new PS Vita ah?

  16. Nope, I think they deserve to be shamed., They were warned, they didn’t care. This shows what sort of person they have grown to be. So sad to see how little respect they have .Shame on them.

  17. i will cane their backside in the public library to teach them a lesson, on behalf of their dear respectful “very important” parents… hang some signage over their neck which states “I must be respectful to all people at all times”…
    these young people need to be “educated” the hard way, if whichever counselling in school or elsewhere doesn’t help…

  18. this is what i found but not sure if it is up to date.

    (CHAPTER 224)
    18 of 1998


    Intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.
    504. Whoever intentionally insults, and thereby gives provocation to any person, intending or knowing it to be likely that such provocation will cause him to break the public peace, or to commit any other offence, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.

    Word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of a woman.
    509. Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.

  19. Totally “kurang ajar” by their parents. The local education system has lost its plot. The Hard Truth is that the society here is becoming less and less gracious.
    Is it a case of being preoccupied and obsessed with generating wealth at the expense of social mores? This is not a one off incident. Its a daily occurrence of inconsiderate behaviour in Singapore.
    Truly a very sad day for Singapore. It appears that both the then MCYS and the Ministry of Education are to a large extent responsible for this type of behaviour from our youths and also many adults who have grown up without a good foundation in ethics.

  20. You call them “Handsome”? Looks more like a pariah to me. I bet they havent even got pubic hair yet. I bet this scrawnny boy wouldnt do it if it was a guy. He would have act sheepishly. Useless parents bringing up such a useless boy who knows nothing more than play PSP. Shame their parents. Get their parents to apologise.

  21. Next time, just bang both their heads together, and say “PEOPLE NEED TO USE THE ROOM, YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH? PARENTS IMPORTANT, THEN NEVER SEND YOU TO SCHOOL TO STUDY ENGLISH? GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE ROOM LA CHEEBYE!”. And it’s done. Why bother writing such a long ass entry and getting these kids on twitter and stomp only to have them say “SORRY” (for the umpteenth time) and then continue being spoilt brats? These numbskulls need to learn manners the “1997” way, where you get hit, slapped or caned when you go out of line. So JUST SLAP THEM ALREADY! Milk coming out of her boobs and this friend of yours can still walk in and out of the nursing room to get help from the librarian, when a tight slap across both their faces would have got them out faster. You must be joking man.

  22. Stop blaming schools and/or the education system. Believe me when I say most schools are trying their best. If parents spent more time educating their children, it wouldn’t fall on the other taxpayers to do so. Schools will always put education of their young charges foremost in whatever they do, but don’t immediately react and blame them for not doing their job; first as parents, ask whether you have truly done yours well.

  23. Yo Trooper! Hahaha… you crack me up, because that’s what I used to do in my ‘official capacity’… but unfortunately, with CCTVs, phonecams and what-not, for adult to whack the little buggers this way – in public – is asking for trouble bro. Now, if the setting had been a little darker, with CCTV blindspots and a couple of quick exits, it would be much easier to arrange for said dicks to ‘walk into doors’. In this instance, unfortunately, public education more effective. Haiz.
    A little note here, in my experience, i have found that these fellas will eventually end up being bigger idiots into adulthood. For some reason they have a sense of misplaced bravado due to their upbringing, and this is evident from the Little Shit not even wanting to make eye contact. Truly cowardly gesture here, hiding behind mummy’s and daddy’s little toy and brave words, without wanting to even acknowledge the speaker… Sure recipe for further trouble down the road. Parents of Cowardly Little Shits, you have been alerted. Do something now before they end up in death row. I hope I’m not being overly uncouth here, but Red Shirt Dick and his Little Igor truly deserve all the flame they get.

  24. i am a nursing mother myself before. This is really not acceptable. We need to feed our hungry baby and hence these two boys are just behaving like little kid. Seriously hope their ‘VERY IMPORTANT PARENTS’ see this and teach them some manners. Shame on both the boys!

  25. To the commenter who mentioned that the “librarian isn’t doing his job”, well, unless these kids have a Dewey Decimal code stamped on their butts, it’s not really his job to deal with them. Let’s not place the blame anywhere else other than where it should be; these kids are rude and inconsiderate. Yes, the librarian could help to ask them to leave, but his job is to attend to the queries of the people using the library, and he was busy doing so when it happened. To clarify, I don’t know who the librarian is, but it seems kinda random to blame him for the behaviour of two kids.

  26. This guys are from evss , shame on them . Happen to be their junior . Are they suppose to be a role model or something ? They are Sec 2 I think .

  27. The boy looks like foreign Indian? I dunno why there’s so much fuss about PRCs but in my experience, the FT indians are worse. They act superior and their kids are loud, rude and behave like their parents own the country. They even look down on the local Indians. Shame on them!

  28. My ponder about what can i do if i am faced in such situation?
    i dont think i have give them a tight slap then i will be charge by the SPF

    if this happen to you what can YOU do, so can teach these bastards a lesson?
    must be prepared cos such behaviour is kinda common now days..

  29. This is a very Singaporean discussion, I think. I would not waste my time with two youngsters like them and spoil my day with anger. And what they did is no criminal offense, so why mentioning the Penal Code here? Oh sure, SG is a “fine” city 😉

  30. If the boy’s parents are really “very important people”, then obviously they are so “important” to the extent they don’t even have the time to educate their child.

    Then again, put this incident aside. Parents are working so hard these days to support the family. school teachers are being restricted in many ways to do a proper character-building in children. Something is wrong somewhere. But I don’t have the answer. If we have the solution to this problem, we should be drawing ministers’ salary by now.

    “This is my country, this is my flag. This is my future, this is my life. This is my family, these are my friends. We are Singapore, Singaporeans.”

    In a way, this song teaches us to be selfish. Too much emphasis on ME AND ME AND MYSELF.

  31. Dear LL,
    I’d be interested in knowing exactly how many Indians in Singapore you have had personal interactions with because I doubt it’s a majority of them, in which case your narrow-minded facial and racial profiling of us is, frankly, embarrassing for you. This story is about two inconsiderate and badly raised boys, and they would be just as off-putting if they were locals, foreigners, or of any race at all. Please, do us all a favor and don’t add to the childishness that began this incident.
    Rohini Singh (Ms.)

  32. That is how our youths behave actually nowadays. U guys should try being a teacher. U get some of these students every year and you cant really render any punishment except to speak to them firmly. They know there is notthing much we can do them. Try talk to their parents some behave exactly like their child.

  33. Alvin: Penal code applies for sure so long as they are more than 12 years old. Punishments will be tailored to their age though. if they do end up charged and convicted the punishments are likely to be to make an apology, probation, curfew, counselling and/or community service, going by past cases involving juveniles.

    Lets not be so quick to condemn the parents. They MAY come from home situations where both parents are working and have no time to really take them in hand – something unfortunately quite common these days.

  34. Handsome ??? Wrong adjective to label these two ugly illed behaved boys. Using profanity on a lady, arrogant and defiant. They will met their kind someday and if good prevails they will learn the hard way hopefully not too painful one.

  35. i am not sure if the penal code applies to the underaged but i think these boys should be taught a lesson. though i have been reading the comments here that this is how young people behaves today, we just gotta ‘attend’ to each case as they come by and ‘unfortunate’ for these boys, the evidence was caught on tape.

  36. I am a rich businessman in Singapore
    I am willing to give 1 million SGD to a charity of your choice whoever can give the names and occupation of the parents of these kids!

    seems like their parents have educated these kids that they are untouchables because their positions.

    just send their names and contact details I am going to deal with them wherever they are!

  37. The Penal Code in Singapore states that:
    Non-Physical Acts
    S13A, Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act
    Offence: Any person …with intent to cause harassment, alarm or distress to another person —

    uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour; or
    displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting,
    thereby causing that person or any other person harassment, alarm or distress.
    Punishment: fine not exceeding $5,000.

    S13B, Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act

    Offence: Any person ….

    uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour; or
    displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting,
    within the hearing or sight of any person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress.
    Punishment: fine not exceeding $2,000.

    I sure hope that these idiots get the maximum!

  38. They should be identify n published in media to create awareness so kids like them will think twice b4 acting rash, ill mannered n vulgar.

  39. this is really weird. the boys allowed the woman to take a video of them and practically expose them on the internet. hmmmmmmm……

  40. Sometimes, teenagers really need to be shamed in the public to learn to grow up. I hope their very important parents, not the kids; apologize to the mom in public.

  41. 这就是三字经里所说的:



  42. If it was in the 90s, i believe the boys would have had their heads slammed to the wall and got his @rse stuffed with the PSP whilst the other one will get the MCD wrapper in his mouth. Nuff said..

  43. One is never too young to be held responsible and accountable for one’s own actions and behaviour. It is precisely that such actions slipped through the cracks of the soceity and not being brought to task that results in disrespectful, irresponsible and demanding adults of tomorrow. Even a preschooler receives a punishment for misbehaving. How much more these youths. This is a very good case and time for the youths to recognise that no action is above the law/rules of the land and the people. It would be very comforting and assuring to see the law taking the intitative with boldness to investigate instead of turning a blind eye until a report is filed especially since this is now a pulic affair. There are so many cases made on public social network that is happening on Singapore soil under the ‘noses’ of the law which surprising have no media coverage as to how the law is responding to them. It is no wonder if the youths of today grows bolder with their irresponsible actions thinking that the law is weak.

  44. Just alerted the Association for Brestfeeding Advocacy (Singapore) and hopefully they can assist in whatever way they could.

  45. A couple of ill-bred idiots …. pity their parents (what were they thinking, giving birth to scumbags…
    I think their mother wasted breast milk on them, if they were actually breast-fed.

  46. This IS PROBABLY a result or a COPY CAT event of when the MP WEE’s daughter CHIDED and MOCKED at an adult who was lamenting on the bad unemployment situation he was facing due to PAP Policies of mass WELCOME of foreign TRASHES. And we can recalled CLEARLY the Honourable MP WEE PROTECTED her daugher AND CLAIMED her daughter WAS NOT wrong to mock that adult person. So WHAT DO YOU think? We do we go from here?

  47. I believe I know why the author termed them handsome – first out of due respect to the parents. Lets face it fairly, no one is justified to call another ugly, and thence the parent do not deserved to be called a parent of an ‘ugly’ boy (since its not handsome). Secondly I think the author is gracious enough to show respect , hey the ‘bad’ deeds are ‘bad’ deeds in itself nothing to do with goodlooking or not (albeit may have to do with teaching and upbringing). And third lastly, excluding the aforesaid 2, the author is being ‘sarcastic’ which many seems to take it literarily.

  48. I think the lady who wanted to breastfeed should have firmly told the boys that she needed to use the room to feed her child. It works, she was too soft on them. Teenagers who are going through rough times due to family problems especially, only listen to people the respect or fear. If she did not provoke them by taking the video and used reverse-psychology instead, she would have gotten her way.

    Bringing up a child is responsibility of the government or the school. I certainly would not want the government to invade all aspects of my life, especially not in my bedroom, not to tell me how to bring up my child. I admit many parents today are not like the parents before them, who spent time to teach their kids what is right and wrong and how to respect others – perhaps it was perceived by these parents that its a given and their child will learn it somehow. Sometimes, these so-called “rotten children” are just replicating the behaviours of their parents who are not good role-models.

    Parents need to spend the time to bring up their children and teach them the proper values. If you don’t, your failure in doing so will some day come back to haunt you.

  49. Well I can understand why you are upset. They are 2 young kids saying the wrong things in a place they should not be. However, have they violated any laws? If not, by posting you have used social activism to mete out your own perceived punishment and justice. From the big picture, I hope you think it is worth it.

    Also, you have made visual and audio recording of these 2 individuals on private premises, obviously without permission. I hope you have not violated any laws in the process. Do make sure you are clean before you sully others.

  50. I’m not surprised if their parents are like everyone else.
    Children & teenagers try to inflate their egoes when they feel inferior or threatened.
    They probably said that their parents were important people or VIPs just to compensate for their low-self confidence and esteem. I have a strong feeling that these childrens’ families are going through some problems of their own that have in turn, transformed these kids this way. Defiance acts as protective shell for them in this harsh reality.

  51. typical singaporean!!!!

    pest on earth like me!

    I am a rich businessman in Singapore
    I am willing to give 1 million SGD to a charity of your choice whoever can give the names and occupation of the parents of these kids!

    seems like their parents have educated these kids that they are untouchables because their positions.

    just send their names and contact details I am going to deal with them wherever they are!

  52. These guys have got to get the word “respect” into their vocabularies. They ought to be ashamed of dirtying the impression of youths here! I admire the lady for her calm and composed behaviour though.

  53. After reading this article, I’m sure it invokes a lot of angry feelings for the reader(I felt angry). But I believe there are only 2 appropriate ways to deal with this situation:
    1) Get angry and flame this blog. Blaming everyone, everything and the Government, while spoiling your day.
    2) Feel angry(which is normal) and think rationally. If you have the means, ID these boys and let their parents/principal know of the situation. If you don’t know them, spread the word around. With the vast reach of Social Media, someone will eventually know them.

  54. I think if they are old enough to be rude and use obscene gestures they are therefore old enough to take the consequences of their actions. I think your friend was way too polite and letting the librarian deal with this is useless. I would have probably called the police immediately and locked the boys in till they arrived. Failing that I would have kicked up a huge stink and broadcast to everyone in the library that I wasnt able to nurse my baby due to two stupid idiots.

  55. Rude boys, without doubt.
    I don’t think she handled the situation properly though. By videotaping those kids and talking to them in such an immature way, she was just antagonizing them further – making them more defiant – (duh!) they’re teenagers after all. I’m sure just explaining to them FIRMLY what a nursing room is and why it is needed right there and then would be more productive. Perhaps say, “Boys, I’m sorry, I just need the room for 15 mins. The baby needs to eat. You can come back in after. Thanks. See you later!”, would be better. Treat them like adults. Videotaping them with the intention of shaming them (and letting others dish the punishment) is so counter productive and a little spiteful.

  56. Just wait for another 24hrs . . their FULL NAME and SCHOOL will be revealed.

    In the first place… these 2 BOYS got NO LACTATING BREAST to be in the room.

  57. Is there a law that states you have to nurse in private? If it was me I would have just sat down and whipped my boob out right there. If they complained I would have just said this is what this room is for. If you have a problem then leave!!! I use to drive a school bus here in the states. If you give them an inch a teen will take 100 miles. If you stand up to them they get completely shocked that you are not giving in to there tantrum. I think this lady is right to video them but unless there is a law in that country she should have stood her ground and nursed her baby with the brats right there.
    That’s what I would have done anyway. Not all mothers can though. I wouldn’t have with my first but I’m on number three so I could care less about being nice to some teenage brats. Just my opinion though. I know someone else may say, “how dare you say that!!!” But I don’t care.


  59. They can’t get inside a strip bar so they decided to go cheaper. And please give the poster some glasses. Handsome is not a good word for a title, Try “Two perverted teens” is more a title for them.

  60. what an annoing lil piece of shit.. i don’t see handsome guys in the video.. i just see a motherfucking little faggot who gotta hope not to meet me around the street. I’d like to get chance yo make him regret the dsy he came out his mother’s putrified vagina..!!

  61. The boys are clearly in the wrong. However, as an adult it is even more shameful when your idea of teaching these boys a lesson is through instigation and public shaming. Shame on you too.

  62. Strange post by Ivan – these boys were in the wrong. The one in the red is clearly led by the one in black. It’s a shame when kids behave like this, because as a foreigner, the thing that really strikes me as incredibly different about Singaporeans is their universally unbeaten politeness and empathy. It is bad parenting, but you can’t expect parents to lay the law down on their own. Teachers should be empowered to use corporal punishment and the public has to reinforce these messages. More ‘shame based’ punishments should be available for those too young for the penal code. Being forced to stand on orchard road in a bikini with a sign round their necks would make any naughty young man who thinks they are ‘cool’ think again.

  63. We were all raised differently and that’s why we all differ in our opinions on how these kids should be dealt with. Those born in the 70’s and raised by the belt would definitely recommend giving the kids a good beating, because that’s how we were brought up. Do something wrong and you deserve to be punished. But those born and raised in a different environment would recommend different forms of soft punishment. We should move forward in society, but how?

    This is classic bullying behavior. Sure, no laws were broken, and if the mother really wanted she could have just sat her ass down, popped a boob out and just nursed her baby right there. But she could be uncomfortable with that so even though the boys broke no laws, they still prevented the mom from nursing her child.

    Race isn’t the issue here, and neither is nationality nor physical looks. Yes, they’re ugly inside. But the author was being sarcastic calling them handsome, so don’t attack their looks. We’re really talking about their lack of moral upbringing here, not anything else.

    How do you reason with a bully who does not understand reason? Would counselling help in any way? If at 15 years a young adult can still throw his parents’ weight around like it meant anything, he’s already set in his ways to be dependent on his parents to get his way for a long time to come. He’s not going to change any time soon. Spare the rod…. look where that has gotten us.

    If this was my own child, I would counsel him first to make him understand why he was getting punished. Then I’d go get my belt.

  64. Shame in their parents . Not only uneducated ,is Uncivilized .i tot Singapore pointing middle finger is an offence . Will kana fine …..

  65. I encountered a very nice boy/guy (perhaps max in early 20s) holding the door open for me from outside the nursing room while I struggled to get out with my stroller at Clementi Mall. Not all youths are bad…

  66. “教不严,师之惰“的品论有欠公平。When the outcome is like this, the situation is usually helpless. There’s a limit to what teacher can do nowadays. Back in those days, my father would tell my teachers “This is my kid. If you need, just discipline him.” I think i benefitted from the absolute trust my father gave to the teachers. It is unfair to find fault with school. These boys have absolute comtempt for authority. Education can only help 75% of the children. 10% belongs to no-more-ASEAN Alvin Tan. The other 15%, breastfeedingboys, we all have to do our part. Let the witch-hunt begin! Give them absolute shame and outcast them!

  67. They are a disgrace to their families and their parents should give them a good lashing – and I don’t mean a tongue lashing.

  68. I would like to who are their parents. Let the social to condemn their parents till they step down from their positions.

    Singapore cannot allow ‘rich second generation’ or ‘governour second generation’ like china happen in Singapore. Everyone must be equal. Must let their parents to bring this 2 stupid kids apologize to this lady and public!!!

    Go to find out these 2 bastard.

  69. The boy in black shirt may think he`s so tough by acting in this manner,…… sure tough guy, towards a woman? try doing that act to a man,two things men can do, 1-break that finger, 2-shove that finger up where the sun dont shine. Someone should have slaped that silly smile off that stupid face.

  70. I say fine and jail neglectful parents of spoilt brats. That will teach all those irresponsible parents a hard lesson to either wake up their ideas or more fines and jail time coming their way.

  71. Just send them to Detention Barracks on their enlistment day. They need to be disciplined by the State since their parents cannot be bothered to do so.

    1. You are so right Dan,send them in earlier, not when they reach the age of 18, after schooling, 16yrs better,there they can grow into respectfully men like us.I was wild when i was that age,but i thank the army for renewing my mindset,if not for NS, i think i might have gotton into a lot of problems. My father was from the British Army,and he ran the house like an army camp,even he could not wake me up, but the day i was called up to do my service for the nation, my dad knew
      the change was about to start. These kids need hard army discipline, like what we went through.

  72. I dun think is the school problems, is how the parent educate their kids now aday.. Spoil them like nobody business… What you teach at home will show how your kids behave outside..

  73. These boys are like that because parents are probably like that. Monkey see, monkey do! Another possibility is that schools let them be because schools are so afraid of parents’ complaints! When students are punished for misbehaving, the press gets called in and the teacher does not get support.(an example is the boy who got his hair cut by a teacher prior to his PSLE oral exam! His mother is teaching him to be a bully or a defiant person in future!). How to properly discipline students?? MOE need to take a stand! Parents got to support the authority of the school too! Look at the bigger picture, parents! We twist the system to our benfits and then complain later why the society is like that!

    1. Thats right Christina, you hit the nail on the head. The teachers try,and then they`re fried. Why like that? So now we have idiots like these running around. Ha Ha Ha,complain complain complain.

  74. The boy in black T-short is extremely arrogant. Can you imagine what he will be when he grows up? This is a social problem in Singapore, young children are not showing the custom and respect. Our society will be full of ill manner Singaporeans, I strongly believe it the duty of their parents to inculcate the correct self-respect on them.

  75. the way this boy raised his hands with bad finger looks he was doing it frequently and very used to it…. I wonder how this boy treated his peer considering he was capable doing such thing to an elderly woman … i hope to see the verdict to be done in more public media places, so more parents will be aware how students nowadays can stretch there nasty act..let’s help to bring this up until ti serves its purpose to be a wrong model for all us specially with children…

  76. Boys like these are mischievous but when showing that middle finger is utterly rude and disrepect to the woman! It’s totally unacceptable. If he can do it in public, what if it’s the school teacher or anyone else who crossed his path. He ought to be taught a lesson. I’m not surprised if he claimed his parents are ‘VIP’, and the parents are also one kind. Sounds like old ‘Michael Fay’s story. Same attitude. SHAME THEM IN THE PUBLIC!!!

  77. You have called the Police and report it as a case of Abuse! Even if their father is the Head of Police, the father cannot do anything! That Black guy is Stupid! And in reality, his 3rd finger is actually cursing himself ! They do NOT deserves to be humans at all.

  78. Remove the ‘Handsome’ header please! sounds sacrastic but not even worth it at all ! Just call them the 2 Stupid Animals

  79. I’ve encountered something similar as well. A boy was hogging a toilet meant for disabled people and I had to go there to do my business as it was urgent and the main female toilet was occupied. A boy was hogging the space to SMS on his phone and when I asked him if I can use the toilet as it’s urgent and if he’s going to use it, he replied very rudely that “HE’S USING IT, SO FUCK OFF!” and proceed to slam the toilet door in my face. But was unable to do, since the door isn’t those regular push/pull type. I believe that rude boy I’ve encountered are the same race as these featured retarded 2 as well. And I thought Ah Bengs are rude, now they proved otherwise 🙂

    1. Next time if you encounter the same problem, dont stand there and kick your self, kick the damm door open and slap the MF and walk away,the idiot will be so stunned he wont know what happened. I bet you`ll be them happy with yourself.

  80. Stupid nothing better to do.u say ur parent important with them become rich and famous and will get fame too sitting at the library in the nursing room.people will see you as annoying and naughty kid.find work more better than hanging around than doing nothing.fucking idiot.

  81. They know that they are “too young” to be accountable. Just like the lying slut who fucked 40 men but “protected” by law. People just don’t want to recognise the fact that kids are more aware and matured than 20 years ago. Today they are taking advantage of their precociousness to rebel against society with full awareness of puny punishment. This is not a “stage” they are going through. This is the beginings of an asshole.

  82. think woodlands library always got this type of people go. Once I was reading with my kids, I saw two young boys, on the mobile phone loud speaker to hear music. This is a library, suppose to be quiet. I stared at them, they still on the loud music.

    1. I belife the best thing to do with punks like these is not to write about them, simply stand up to the idiots and return to them the shit they deliver to decent people,put fear into them,or else some other meek people will be bullied,could be your mother,grandmother,grandfather,even your own good kids,maybe even you when you`r much older,what can you do then,swallow this crap and feel hurt? You got to nib the problem in the bud before it grows. I may be wrong but i`m sure if i encounter idiots like these,they are going to wish they had never met a person like me, i,ve been brought up to respect elders and to be polite and kind. So what kind of parents do we have today? Monkeys?…no wonder the kids behave this way- monkey see monkey do.

  83. I am quite stunned that most of you here fail to hear how the aunty sounded so taunting, challenging and childish. As an adult, she should not be using that kind of childish tone. Yes it is a nursing room, but as an adult, i think she should have been a bigger person to just walk off and maybe call the guards and not stomp and use a taunting bad tone.

  84. well the boys are definitely wrong to give the finger and occupy the room but i agree that video-recording them will just provoke them even further, and the woman shouldn’t have recorded them, im not sure if she can be charged for recording them without permission though 🙁 but in the end, the boys are still largely at fault

    @PeN: lol, he was really rude but you shouldnt be using the handicap toilet as well right?

  85. Unfortunately, in our pursuit of excellence, the entire system through which youths obtain education (that includes the family unit, the schools & the social media) are more focused on increasing proficiencies in technical subjects (maths, sciences, languages, etc). The teaching of moral values and virtue has taken a backseat or increasingly being displaced into the realm of the arcane or even deemed impractical in today’s survivalist mentality. The outcome of the system is increasingly disrespectful self-serving attitudes. This element is not just found in youths. There is a need for more wisdom in the world today.

    1. In Singapore we say we are 1st world,only 3rd world people misbehave,sure or not? I travel and work in 3rd world countries, i see youths and adults do not behave the way people here carry themselves, these 3rd world countries teach their kids respect for law and towards people, and the elderly,they also have humility. What we have is arrogance, false pride and boastfulness.Wake up Singapore.

  86. Yes the boys were wrong. But the AUnty lacks commonsense too. Tell me, doesn’t commonsense tells us that if she uses a sarcastic, aggressive and taunting tone, things cannot get resolved? By using such a tone, she is escalating and aggravating the situation. SHe is saying “come try me let’s see who is better at being a b**itch”!” I mean, as an adult, couldn’t she have been a bigger person to the kids HALF her age instead of using the stomp-bully tactic??

    1. What you talking about man? If it was you, what you gona do? Hey man talk is cheap if it didnt happen to you. Next time if you get the third finger,see how you like it then.

  87. Ugly boys, inside and out. Who are his big-shot parents, then? Let’s expose them as well, shame the whole family. Most likely some ordinary family living in HDB, thinking they’re big shots just because they have a maid. This boy in black deserves to be caned, named and shamed publicly.

  88. Firstly, women have a right to breastfeed.
    I presume that the lady did request politely prior to resorting to such an act of filming the teens. Ivan, you have stated that the lady should look at her position before pointing her finger at the teens. I understand the possible legal implications but pray tell your solution should your wife or family member encounter such bullying behaviour.
    As for Bas, if you are not a Singaporean, keep your comments to yourself. It’s because Singaporeans don’t tolerate such anti-social behaviour that makes us a safer country. If people are accepting or indifferent of such behaviour, then there’s no hope for society.

  89. Flog them 100 times in the public (especially that boy that stucked out his 3rd finger) for all to see and let’s see if they will finally learn some good manners. Disgraceful idiots.

  90. Hello. First of all. I would like to say that I’m not the boys’ relative or a friend of the ladies in this story. I am also not from Singapore. I’m just a foreigner from another country.

    I would say that what these two boys did was not right. And I would say that, it is not right to use blogs to talk about them. I guess you must feel better now after throwing your angers in the above article via your words. However, please consider about the future of these two boys. I guess they have learnt their lessons via criticism from public…enough for them to grow up. And let’s give them a chance by putting this matter into the past. And let’s think about the future. It is not just about the future of these two boys when they have to face with families, friends and strangers, but it is also about you, your future. Have you ever thought what foreign people may think about Singapore after reading this? The impact is much more significant than you would think of. For example, people don’t just look at individuals but will think of Singaporean as a whole. Why? Because people will think about your education system….then to your next generation…I would not discuss any more about this because these are just my assumption, but, please give the matter a thought and make your own decision. If possible, please delete these videos and posts, for everyone’s sake. Don’t misuse public media.

  91. So what if the boys’ parents are big shot or very important people. Then all the more the boys must know how to behave and uphold their parents status in the society. If NOT the reverse will be truth as of this incident.

  92. I don’t know which is worst. Two boys hogging the nursing room or someone recording them on video and threatening to upload it on STOMP.

  93. first, you cant assume its down to the flaws of our education system because in any society, there are inevitably rotten apples amongst plentiful good ones. anyway, i think the openness of today’s society render the youths well aware that such internet posts will happen if they ask for it. rather than hide and forget, i’ll definitely desire my country to unite in what we believe as such positive cohesiveness will only make us more mindful and considerate to strangers we meet in future.

  94. I really want to see these 2 chaocheebaiiface humiliated and eating the humble pie. Can print out their face big big with a wanted sign and post at bus stops and mrts? Will kena vandalism act bo?

  95. I don’t understand the relevance of the word “handsome” in your title. What on earth has that got to do with the issue at hand? These are simply boys, if you can even call them that.

  96. Why were the boys in a nursing room in the first place? Which idiot librarian let them in? Who’s accountable – the library Manager/Director is! Because library staff should be better trained!! This sort of thing is becoming typical/common in a now dysfunctional Singapore – the average citizen – faithful, loyal, obedient, is getting kicked by idiots who have no respect for law and common courtesy! Alvin Tan and his on line exhibitionism (anyone who exposes themselves = a punishable offence per our penal code) the French guy with the English accent who cursed all chinese people as f animals, the PRC worker who hit an old Singaporean lady….what the hell?!! Time to wake up Singapore, and not allow this sort of abuse anymore. Dr Eli.

    1. Well said. I agree every inch and alphabet that you said, of what you written, and the way you put it, the whole spectrum of Sgp social, political culture, way of life (related to this incident) you have had it so precisely explained in a matter of few sentences. May I add, effective leadership of many instutions dot-wide from the very top were abysmally ‘corrupted’, blinded by that theory which was supposed to be practically effective as well, to pay top dollars in order to run Sgp Inc effectively, to punch above its weight etc etc, turns out to be, shall I say, what Alice enjoyed in Wonderland.

  97. Isn’t it obvious that the lady was egging him on? I could almost hear the smirk on her face! Videotaping the kids is such an malicious way of handling the situation. I don’t know who is worse, the openly rude boy or the humbug behind the camera. The other boy is obviously in a difficult position. I feel sorry for him.

  98. i agree with passerby about the aunty lacking common sense. quoting from what was told, when the boy said ‘that’s more like it’ it shows that when the librarian asked POLITELY, the boys did leave, imo, the incident could have been solved much more easily if the aunty could have been more patient and asked politely. although what the boys did were wrong, but they were just being difficult and disrespectful and it isn’t even some crime that requires everyone to make such a big fuss about. yeah, some might say being disrespectful to their seniors is a serious matter, i agree too, but what about when adults do not give the due respect to those younger and less mature that they are? As a student, there are many of those cases believe me, but it’s so much a part of daily life that it’s not even worth STOMPing about. so what im trying to say is, respect others, and they will respect you.

  99. Have their identities been verified yet? Are they really from East View? Good heavens. They are only Sec 2??? What have been breeding in this country?

  100. @Ambigious posting on November 14, 2012 at 2:22 am: You are obviously clueless. These boys should NOT be in a mother’s nursing room in the first place. Such places are only for mothers with their babies, and should not be a free-for-all because then it compromises both mother’s and baby’s health. Imagine, a bunch of snot-nosed teens fooling around there, with viruses from an impending flu? As it was, these 2 left the place filthy.

    @Esther posting on November 13, 2012 at 12:15 am: You said that the nursing mother should have not filmed them, but instead say the following, quoting you: “Boys, I’m sorry, I just need the room for 15 mins. The baby needs to eat. You can come back in after. Thanks. See you later!” You also said that her tone could have been better.

    My goodness, I just don’t get it. This is a nursing room for mothers nursing their babies. If she had said the above, it would have meant that she is ‘crawling and grovelling’ for what is essentially HER RIGHT, and begging some little piece of turd to please grant her 15 mins to nurse WHEN THIS IS ACTUALLY THE NURSING ROOM. Who in the world taught YOU values? What has your values become? Cower in the face of a bully? Does it not get into your fat head that this is a nursing room? Why should she go out of her way to please a bunch of losers when this is where she has a right to be?

    Is this how you want your future country to be? Be a bunch of snivelling, grovelling people, who allow your own rights to be taken away from you, and then be grateful for it? Because this is exactly what you’re asking her to do.

    Or…let me make a guess from the way you worded those lines. You must be one of those types who think they are “saviours” to such deliberately wayward kids in school, who, mind you are not at all naive or hard done by, but who can read you and manipulate you to within an inch of your lives. You must be those who pride yourself that you have “changed” a wayword boy for eg, from not bringing a single stationery to school, (let alone books), to one who keeps tell you in class that he has brought a pencil today, and who keeps telling the class the same thing, right? You think you are “saving” such kids (by the tone you suggest the lady use) by ‘talking nicely’ to them, and jumping to attention, whenever they “need help” (and 100% of the time, it’s not for school work, but to take you out of whatever it is you are doing with the rest of the class.) — Well, have you ever considered that this one loser is taking all your attention away from the rest of the class, who has as much right to an education as he thinks he has to your attention?

    You see, by what you have said and suggested that the nursing mother do, I can see that you’re that kind of person you find many times in schools- Want to be ‘pal-ly’ with certain notorious students just to boost your own ego. Meanwhile the rest of your class suffers because you are forever having to fight fires caused by these bullies, who will then ask for a “second chance”. These little twats are not stupid. They can see through people like you, who ironically, think everything’s about YOU. (mind you, not even about them)- it’s because YOU want to be known as that “saviour” that’s why you neglect a whole class to cater to one or two bullies.

    And if we extrapolate this to the whole country- this is what you get in some countries when the losers of society start to have more ‘rights’ than people who have paid their dues and done their part. Thanks to your kind, Esther, you are taking society further down the road to ruin.

  101. If men aren’t supposed to be in the ladies’ washroom, and vice versa… There is valid reason for non-nursing mothers to vacate the nursing room — especially when a nursing mother needs to use it.

  102. i feel sorry for the mother who needed the room, and the breastfeeding boys could be stupid if not retarded to play PSP and messed up the place with litter, refusing to clean and leave the room from the beginning when asked earlier. Lucky their parents did not identify themselves together with the boys to defend the boys’ action. Will the boys be charged in minor court for displaying rudeness or indecent act in the public???

  103. I’ll like to know the name of the person who posted the video as well. The person who caused this mess and witch hunt out of a personal vendetta should not be hiding behind a pseudonym

  104. These 2 punks still do not know how powerful is the Internet. Soon their school and parents will come to know about this, don’t need Stomp.

  105. Ivan – are you one of the two boys ? If not, can’t you see who was the one at fault here – the idiotic boys or the video poster ?

  106. @Ivan, this is not just about a personal vendetta. It’s about how poor our social graces are. Even at 14, these boys already know what they’re doing is PLAIN WRONG. Look at his eyes averting the camera earlier. The mess was caused by the boys’ action, not by the lady.

  107. @thatsme and @Hello. No I’m not one of the 2 boys, thank goodness. I apologise for not explaining why I said what I did. I made a comment earlier and this was meant to be an addendum to that.

    The social media such as YouTube, Yahoo and this blogger’s influential website has the power to do good, and evil. Sometimes this power far exceeds the action that triggered it. People who post comments here may not know or want to care about the consequence of fueling their anger/hatred/boredom on the Internet. But it is important that you do.

    The 2 boys in question did callous things, and are rightly condemned for it. But it is not a legal crime, not even mildly evil. Just civilly and socially wrong. They may grow up to be rotten apples, in which case there are laws for that. Or they may not.

    What the video poster did was to probably destroy those 2 boys’ lives in the short to medium term of their lives. She, and a lot of commentators, wanted to ‘out’ them and ‘shame’ them to Singapore and beyond. She has to understand that. For what is a very minor/trivial incident. In the meantime, she did not have the courage to name herself and face possible ‘social media backlash’ herself. I hope you see what I mean, it’s hypocritical for her to hide behind a pseudonym.

    My wish is for this vitriol towards these 2 boys to stop. THEIR PUNISHMENT HAS EXCEEDED THEIR CRIME. It’s the responsible, adult thing now to just let it go.

    My post is very wordy, I’m not into cliches when I would like to make a serious point.

  108. hey stupid LL they are local boys from east view sec school. And I know for sure they are not indians .their parents are very ordinary people. this chap is a known problem kid.

  109. @Fred : How a children behaves and act is a true reflection on the parents itself…..children as they grow, they will emulate their parents…the way they talk and they way they behave and treat others…..

  110. @Ivan
    I bet you have never taught or dealt with youths before. You think their lives are destroyed by this in the short term? Sorry to burst your ‘holier than thou’ attitude. I’ve dealt with youths who though clearly in the wrong, will *never* think they are wrong. It is just not in their dictionary to think they can do any wrong. Many of them are a result of bad parenting. For all you may know, the parents of these two clowns may probably tell them not to worry because they did not commit any crime, just like what you are saying. Oh….. wait a minute….. I get it…… you are their father!!!

  111. @Ivan : Read my comments on top…..what you just said is basically acknowledging that it is ok for teenagers to behave badly, especially if their parents is “somebody”. I do not see this as a “minor incident” and I think majority of people with reasonable good social sense will agree with that. If these children and others like them are not taught a lesson now, they will grow up to be a even bigger “tyrant”…..because they know they can get away with it! Future? What future are you referring too? Theirs or the many others that will have to face them 24/7……or work under them? I for one do not want my kids to be even associated with them….period! You worry so much about their future, what about the futures of others that will come in contact with them… you think others will be treated well given their current character and behavior if you don’t nip the problem at it’s butt now.

  112. I think the Police should have been called.This is the kind of attitude we get from the youngsters when we spare the cane.

  113. There is no need to compare races. This could be one of the many instance out there that such things are not reported and could happen by any race. These kids are just spoilt. Hopefully their parents takes a serious effort in teaching them a lesson for such unacceptable attitude / mindset.

  114. @Ivan, I see you are probably making two points here:
    1. the punishment exceeds their crime – from what was reported, it seems they were given a few chances before this video was posted ( one when the mother asked them to leave, second when the mother asked the librarian to help, third when the the mother was taking the video, and finally when the librarian helped for the second time, they still had the cocky attitude that didn’t think they were at fault). By publicly shaming them, hopefully they will at least behave better in the public in the future and not be so self centred.
    2. Video poster – again, my point is the poster was not at fault, why should his/her identity be revealed ? This is akin to asking whoever witness a crime and report the crime to police to reveal his/her identity to the public, why should s/he ??

  115. Some writers here feel it is a trivial matter but that is where the problem lies, a small matter that later on escalates into crime like rioting that causes death(like what had happened in Downtown East in Pasir Ris when teenagers clashed resulting in a death). So to prevent such future rebellious behaviour IT IS NECESSARY TO NIP IT THE BUD!!

  116. Hey all! The real issue here is not the mother who posted this video, it is the behavior of the 2 boys, regardless what some might think it is too harsh to post this on stomp or newspaper. The boys behavior is unacceptable. I feel ashame for their parents, shame on you parents of these 2 rude boys

    1. Yes definitely I share and admire your common sense and OBECTIVITY. Many people here are of course entitled to their opinions and say what they wish or they like, and selectively blind voluntarily to what is the gist of the whole issue, and conjure up various debating points as though they are participating in a judiciary show.

      But this is the beauty of diversity of thoughts, values, arising from each individual’s education and upbringing, and I am part of being in this Universe (DESIDERATA, go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence…)

      Ultimately moving backwards slightly – the SOLE responsibility of this 2 boys’ actions towards the lady (rude or not is a matter of perception and subjectivity), aftermath and their action lies with their PARENTS. Shame or no shame, we cannot judge per se, but there are acceptable and unacceptable norms.

      BUT I believe AND TRUST their parents KNOW WHAT is appropriate , AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

  117. Wow! Firstly, I think the Indian boy is desperate for attention hence the attention seeking bad behavior. His friend was clearly embarrassed and would have squeezed himself into a small crack if it would fit him. Again this is not about race, it’s about the upbringing in Singapore, my home, even though I have not lived there for many years. It saddens me that this is the type of society we are becoming and do I want to go back to this type of society? Do I want to expose my daughter to kids like them? Parents in Singapore should take this as a lesson to learn and recognize that perhaps we can make a difference in our parenting. If the parent shows disrespect for others for eg. A teacher, a cleaning lady, a librarian, do you think the child would or would not emulate that disrespect?
    On a separate note, whenever I return to home for a visit, the people who show more respect to the elderly, pregnant women or someone needing a seat on the public transport are foreigners like the Caucasian and our friends from India. I’ve seen students, couples who must sit right next to each other and professionals sit glued to their seats.
    Singapore, my country, my home. Are we proud of it? Are we proud of our behavior? Kampung days were still the best when everyone looked out for one another.

  118. Jane @ November 14, 2012 at 10:31 am
    For the aunty to react in a kinder and mature way does not mean she is as you put it, ‘crawling and grovelling’ about her rights or ‘cower in the face of a bully’?. That shows your simplistic mind and despotic views. The bully is a 14 year old boy! There are better ways to handle the situation and that was not it. We want kids to be tolerant…to be kinder…to contribute more to society. And the way to do that is to be tolerant and kinder ourselves – those are the values we should be instilling. We are the adults here – we should behave like adults. If I agree with the auntie’s way of solving the problem, then we’d both be wrong.

    I want to believe that there is good in everyone and that people deserve a chance to explain themselves. And that’s not because I want to (as you put it) ‘boost my own ego’ but rather I want my future country to be more enlightened than entitled.

  119. Inconsiderate behaviour pertaining to the nursing room is not restricted to youths, I’ve encountered cleaning ladies taking a break inside, office ladies changing and even bottle-feeding mums(!!) among some of the situations as a nursing mum to a 10+mo baby. Perhaps one underlying issue is lack of knowledge by the public in general of the urgency of the use of the nursing room for a latch-on bb?

    I do agree with later commentators that there are 2 issues highlighted:
    1) The rude, inconsiderate and stubborn behaviours of the youths
    2) The possible contribution of the behaviour stomper that might have aggravated the situation. Agree she has full right to the nursing room, we’re just not sure how she had gone about exercising her right before the video.

    For me, personally as a mum, I know that my baby now will grow into a rash youth at some point in the future. Much as I like to parent her well to the best of my ability, I cannot guarantee that she would not do something that will be visible to the public eye. Given how our social media is shaping, I wonder how much space is given for her to have the space to reflect, repent and take active steps towards becoming better without extreme spite from the public eye in the process?

    I do think rightly later posters have pointed

  120. So, a week after ‘outing’ the two idiots, I wonder what has really been achieved. On one hand, I see the inherent power of the social media to bring about change (justice?), but on the other, I can’t help but notice that nothing much has changed besides a small kerfuffle on the net, and in TNP.

    Have the boys learnt that this isn’t the right thing to do (no sign of that)?
    Has society as a whole been put on notice that these actions will not go unpunished (next time, likeminded individuals will probably react with more instantaneous rage, hurling even more venom and extricating themselves from the scene before the videocam gets whipped out)?
    Does the mother in question now feel vindicated?
    Has NLB come out to state its position on how their staff reacted to the whole “nursing room violation”?
    Sad sad sad. There is really no hope for a more gracious Singapore is there?

    1. That much of a society that the PAP has festered after super focus on econs growth for the last 40 years, after ‘transforming swamp lands into a modern city’ – WHAT DO YOU THINK?

      I would have been thinking the PAP is inhuman – and their prime concern subsequent of their economic focus is their own salaries for luxurial materialism, caring less what happen to the other humans after all as evidenced since when have the PAP been shown to focus on other than ‘growth’

  121. Please lah, with commentors like that constantly blaming gahmen, it’s no wonder outsiders call us a nanny state. Knn. Dude, if simple human characteristics can be so easily overrun by politicians, you truly see yourself ‘no up’ lah. Aiyo. That party probably took SG out of the swamp, but evidently it takes a longer time to take the swamp out of a portion of SG… Let’s resolve to be the bit which takes responsibility, and progresses forward instead of pushing blame on the vestiges of yesteryear.
    I hear so much gloating and wringing of hands in glee by callous observers, that what started off as – IMHO – an exercise in attempting to get two punks to reflect on their actions, has gone off on a tangent with the politico-trolls hamming up their views and the “CSIs” receiving laurels for a job in futility. To date, no news yet on whether the two dolts have even bothered to acknowledge their role in this maelstrom!

  122. I can understand why most of us are upset by the rude behaviour of our SINGAPOREAN youths.
    But may I ask most of us to hold back on the temper and anger.
    Let us identify these two brats and their parents.
    Notify their school, ministry and authorities.
    We demand for action to be taken on such unruly manner.
    God bless us all…

    1. I totally agree with you. This is what I see lacking in Singapore today, and it saddens me greatly, as a Singaporean who has been out of the country in the US for some 30 yrs and is now finally back home. So much talk, but no one knows how or wants to – do anything to fix the problem. Almost seems as if we like hearing ourselves talk! Therefore, since info has been put forth re who they might be, the School (EVSS Sec 2) and the Principal, I will do the follow up, though I am once again out of the Country at the moment, and I will report on these pages re responses. A week should suffice. Dr Eli.

  123. An update: a week has passed since I e mailed the school principal. will do so one more time, before referring it to an MOE Perm Sec. Dr Eli.

  124. Hello All!
    I have heard from the Principal EVSS, who says that she is aware of what has transpired. I quote, “we will continue to work with boys and their parents to educate them on appropriate values and behaviour.” Since this is work far over and above what it means to be a School Principal, my sincere thanks to her. We should all consider this issue/case closed as of now. Dr Eli.

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