Watch and be enraged, especially parents with babies like myself:

These two handsome Singapore boys want fame very much, so please send this picture to everyone you know to make them famous:

We want to be famous - please ID both of us!

We want to be famous – please ID both of us!

If you are able to ID both of them, please leave a comment on this post and I will update accordingly.

Otherwise, I think we should just call them Singapore Breastfeeding Boys since they like to stay in the nursing room so much. Please use the hashtag #SGBreastfeedingBoys when referring to them on Twitter or other social media to make them happy.

It’s tough enough to have a crying baby in toil, not to mention having to deal with boys like these who behave like babies.

The lady who recorded the video was nice enough to talk to them patiently even when one of the brat flicked a middle finger at her. Yet they refused to leave. Goodness…

Update (12 Nov 2012, 8am) – full story via

This happened on 4th november Sunday approximately 2.30pm. My friend sent her elder daughter to the Woodlands Regional Library for a workshop and proceeded to the nursing room located at 4th level, children section to nurse her youngest child.

When she arrived outside the room, she saw the boy (in black shirt)seated comfortably on the sofa playing PSP. She asked if he could please excuse her so she could nurse her baby. The boy frowned at her and said the librarian agreed to let him in.

When my friend again requested for him to leave the room, he retorted by saying ‘I also feeding my baby’ while his eyes were still on his PSP. My friend left, pushing her child in her stroller to the counter to ask for help. The librarian was busy attending to children’s queries and mending books at that time. My friend then returned to the nursing room, thinking the boy could have left and hopefully she can settle her little one.

Upon returning, she saw the nursing room door was closed and both signs on the door was switched to ‘occupied’ (instead of ‘vacant’ as shown earlier) She opened the door gently and was surprised to then see two boys (not one) this time. The second boy looked shocked when he saw my friend. My friend again requested for them to leave the room so she could nurse her baby. They refused and the rest of the story is according to the video.

After the videoing, my friend had no choice but to leave since the boys did not move out. She went back to the librarian and pleaded for her to do something about the matter as she desperately needed to use the room. The librarian went into the nursing room and also politely but firmly asked the boys to leave. The boy in black laughed, threw his hands into the air and said ‘that’s more like it!’ and they left.

When walking out in a threatening manner, the boy in black went close to my friend and said “you better not put me in stomp. My parents are very important people. They are really big people k.”

My friend went into the room and saw Macdonald paper bags, empty paper cups and used tissue papers all over the floor. She had no choice but to nurse her child in that room.

We will definitely be taking action, as we think these two kids should be taking troubled youth treatments immediately. These actions are never ever acceptable.