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SIM’s Justin Wee vs NUS’s Lu Jia Hui: Who is worse?

Images via The Temasek Times
Images via The Temasek Times

Justin Wee is a first year student from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), seen making vulgar and racist jokes while in a drunk stupor in an online video:

Lu Jia Hui is a National University of Singapore (NUS) student who shot the video (as evidential in the video when Justin kept calling out to Jia Hui to stop the recording) and uploaded the offensive video online (as evidential in this EDMW thread where he contacted YouTube to claim copyright infringement over a reposted video):

Screen grab via EDMW
Screen grab via EDMW

Both of them are now in trouble with their respective university authorities for the saga.

Most of the public condemnation was directed at Justin.

I think the latter is worse.

Justin was drunk. I do not think Jia Hui was drunk when he recorded the video, judging from his steady grip on the camera. I do not think he was drunk either when he uploaded the video online.

Yes, the jokes were not funny and racist.

Nonetheless, if a video was not recorded and posted online, the whole incident, though tasteless, would just be confined to the memories of those present on that drunken night.

The person who made the conscious decision to upload the video online and broadcast it to the masses is the one most guilty of racism from my point of view.

What do you think?


  1. While both is at fault, the person shooting AND uploading should have better sense of possible repercussions. It’s Super SABO lo. Which brings me to my next pt, why are all these people shooting & NOT stopping the actions?

  2. young ppl dun think about repercussions. dats y they are commonly called young (or youth). asking questions on why they dont do this, why they dont do that on hindsight is simply moot in my opinion… dats y stupidity still survived since dinosaur age and into the 21st century… the only difference is we all now have a loudhailer called the internet (or youtube)…

  3. Let’s be honest, regardless of race or ethnicity who didn’t in their life time might say things or jokes that are considered racist be it intentionally or not in the confines of their own circles? Most comedians if not all would have told racist jokes and audiences of all race likes and enjoyed their jokes. So let’s not be so hypocrite to bash those SIM students. If someone says something or tells joke that are racist for amusement in the confines of their circle of friends that does not mean he is racist. Most important thing is not to say it in public or to people who may be offended. So I would say Lu Jia Hui is the one who needs to be prosecuted.

  4. The fact is racist jokes are very useful for networking in Singapore, that is the fastest way to get a ticket to the boat to success. By the way people on this blog for some reason think that is acceptable to abuse other communities in private discussions, this clearly goes on to show the mindset and inter-community behavioral pattern of the Singaporeans. I guess that is how they manage to keep their stake in high government and corporate confined to their particular community.

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