Comedians, Steven Lim and Aaron Tan, featured in Lianhe Wanbao

Comedians, Steven Lim and Aaron Tan, featured in Lianhe Wanbao

The three news report below via and Lianhe Wanbao made the Aaron Tan vs Steven Lim plot thicker than guni hun (powdered milk):

少年粗话辱骂 网络怪杰Steven Lim像狗(6 Feb 2012)
Aaron Tan insults Steven Lim in video, compares him to a dog

少年辱骂网络怪杰 怒父受不了要报警捉儿 (7 Feb 2012)
(Aaron Tan Insults Steven Lim – Aaron’s dad is so pissed with his son that he wants to report him to the police)

少年网络骂人事件 粗话男亲戚爆料:网络怪杰出万元找人骂自己猪狗 (8 Feb 2012)
(A relative of Aaron Tan alleged that Steven Lim had paid Aaron Tan a five figure sum to pretend and insult him to gain publicity)

In summary, Aaron Tan was reported to have been chased out of his house by his dad after the first news report about him insulting Steven Lim was featured in the newspapers. Aaron recorded the video pleading others not to bully him at the staircase outside his home.

Yesterday, a relative of Aaron Tan spoke to Wanbao and alleged that Aaron Tan was paid a  few hundred dollars by Steven Lim to make a video insulting him. Steven Lim also allegedly made Aaron Tan sign a non-disclosure-agreement, gagging Aaron Tan from going public about the arrangement.


Is Steven Lim the mastermind of all these just to gain publicity for himself?

Or is Steven Lim really the victim here, being called “ah gua” by Aaron Tan?

Or is Aaron Tan the victim?

Well, I am more upset there is very little likelihood of a “legal fight” occurring between the two comedians. It would be fun to watch. 🙁

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