In a report by Channel News Asia, the story of a janitor in the sixth-floor corridor of Block 103 Commonwealth Crescent last April 14 shows an uplifting story of compassion and kindness towards the elderly.

What happened?

According to the report, janitor Kalahm Mod Abu was approached by an elderly Singaporean woman, asking him if he could buy food for her. He was cleaning on the sixth floor, and an old woman asked him a favour. She looked to be in pain and quite sick.

She was holding her stomach and very pale, and said that she had no food–and if she could have some.

The old woman also showed him a new, pink scar that was said to be evidence of recent surgery. Other reports also say that she was strapped for cash and was alone ever since her operation.

“She asked if I could buy her food. She was too sick to walk down to the nearby market and I had to help. It was the least I could do,” said Abu, who has been a cleaner for 10 years in the area. He is a Bangladeshi national.

Upon seeing the distress in the old woman’s face, he immediately went to get his own packed lunch of curry and rice which was located at a storeroom ten minutes away. He cooks his own meals and brings it to work.

But he knew he had to get back to the woman much faster, so he asked a flat owner who trusted him for a favour. He used an e-scooter to get back to the woman much faster, but was flagged by police officers.

When he explained the situation, though, the police officers commended him and even featured him in a Facebook post.

He was able to get back quickly to the old woman in pain, who was very grateful for his help. Having eaten, she immediately felt better and did not look so much in distress.

“She thanked me many times, I told her it was fine,” said the kind cleaner. “I’m happy she looked healthier after the meal.”

According to his employer, Abu is a very compassionate and kindhearted man, who treats the people he cleans for as family. The Tanjong PAgar Council presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Not the first and only time this has happened

According to his employer (who was not named), Abu has given his own food to elderly residents many times before, and is one of the kindest persons the former knows.

What do netizens say?

Some commended him and said that he should be blessed. Others agreed and said most cleaners are good people.

Some said the e-scooter is unnecessary in the story, and that the whole thing could be fake news.

Others said that Bangladesh nationals are kind while others are not.

While others commented on

So if you see this man on your commute or during your day, why not thank him for his kind act for that old woman?

Meanwhile, some Singaporeans are still divided about the $10 Caltex BMW driver and his alleged bad intentions.

Header image from Queenstown NPC Facebook page