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Scamming the unemployed – how heartless can one get?

Screen grab of the cached file of a scam job site - (deleted)
Screen grab of the cached file of a scam job site - (deleted)

Via EDMW. There are threads HERE, HERE and HERE, among many others. There are such scam job threads in other web forums as well.

The tactic is always the same. The offer of a too-good-to-be-true job is posted, inviting interested applicants to send in their resume, fill an application form or contact the scammer.

When the victims are in touch, the scammer will then ask for some fees for the uniform or cook up other excuses to collect money from the victims first.

After that, the scammer disappears from the universe with the money collected from all the still unemployed victims, leaving them even poorer than before.

Below is an example, exposed by Sammy01:

Have you heard of "Kasbah Maritime Holdings"?
Have you heard of "Kasbah Maritime Holdings"?

“Please be careful of the above “Dubai-based maritime career”. It may be an employment SCAM.

An email from them claims that they are a recruitment company called “Blue Star Corporate Services Sdn Bhd” located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and they are acting on behalf of their client in Dubai called “Kasbah Maritime Holdings” (

However when I do a check using Malaysia Yellow Pages for this company name located in Johor Bahru, there’s no such company !

When I go to, I also realize that the web design seems too simple and that some of its content information are questionable.

For example, it claimed that “In 2008, we were awarded the Service Excellence Award by the International Maritime and Shipping Commission”. Unfortunately if you google search, you cannot find it !

Its management highlighted their Chief Executive Officer: Mr Idris Hussein al-Khofa, and claimed that he has over 20 years of experience in the maritime and shipping industry, and prior to joining Kasbah (initially as Chief Operating Officer), he served in a number of senior management positions in other multi-national companies in Dubai and Jeddah. Again if you google search for this CEO name, you cannot find it despite having 20 years of experiences in shipping industry and holding a number of senior positions !

Furthermore when I do a website Domain check, it reveals that is only registered on 30/11/2010 !!

What are their motives for such a possible employment SCAM ? Invariably it boils down to money$$$ in some way or the other.

To all the applicants out there, do not just be tempted by the High Pay overseas. Please conduct your Due Diligence check before submitting any critical information about yourselves to them !!”

How low can one get? Scam the unemployed? Scam poor students looking to earn some pocket money during the holiday?

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to spread the awareness that such stupid scams are on the rise. Please help pass this information on to protect your friends and loved ones from falling prey.

If a job offer is too-good-to-be-true, proceed with cautious. Think rationally. Why would the hirer need to resort to posting on a forum to hire someone if the offer was real?

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  1. I agree. A lot of scam jobs also based in Singapore. They always claimed how good the offer is and all that. And usually want upfront fees, MLM, Property jobs all need payment in front and Modeling also got scams. Wonder there isn’t much real jobs in our country.

  2. I met a recent scam that I would like the public especially unemployed Singaporeans or PRs to know about it. It’s a property recruitment scam. The scammer pretended to offer a job and asked me for a upfront fee for the company. The company is called ECG. After I did the work instructed by their upline, I discovered it’s involved fraud. They aren’t really recruiting people, their job needs fees. Something is incorrect. And, those people are highly arrogant. They aren’t afraid of laws in Singapore. It’s really a employement scam.

  3. Yes the ECG scammers are highly arrogant. I have lodged a complaint to CASE about them. For those affected, please do likewise. We should not let the fraudsters escape scot-free.

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