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水研社 Drink Tea @ Nex

水研社 Drink Tea @ Nex

水研社 Drink Tea is another new Taiwanese bubble tea chain to set foot into Singapore. They currently have two outlets in Singapore, one in Bedok and the other one in Nex at Serangoon Central which I visited.

Like Come Buy, Drink Tea has a rather silly sounding, generic English name that makes it hard to recommend to others. Imagine this conversation:

Ah Beng: “Come Buy or Drink Tea?”
Ah Seng: “What talking you? Want buy then buy lah. Want drink tea then go drink tea!”

Luckily though, Drink Tea has an interesting Chinese name, 水研社, which literally translate as “Water Investigation Club”, but sounds like “The Colour of Water” when read verbally.

Drink Tea @ Nex

Drink Tea @ Nex

It was their quirky Chinese name and the cute frog mascot that drew me to the stall. Rachel and I ordered two cups to try. We had a cup of their roast milk tea and a cup of their pudding milk tea.

They offer three data-lazy-sizes for their drinks

They offer three sizes for their drinks

Like other similar bubble tea chains like Koi Cafe, Gong Cha and Come Buy, Drink Tea allows you to choose the level of sweet and offers a wide selection of freshly brewed tea.

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Their drinks come in three sizes and prices are about the same as the other bubble tea chains (with the exception of Come Buy which is priced slightly lower).

However, one differentiating factor for Drink Tea is that they offer flavoured pearls to go with their tea. The pearls are also chewier and softer.

My order

My order

Large pudding milk tea on the left and medium roast milk tea on the right

Large pudding milk tea on the left and medium roast milk tea on the right

I wanted to be impressed by Drink Tea, but after visiting so many bubble tea chains, one sprouting up after another, I am beginning to feel a sense of fatigue. I won’t be surprise if another bubble tea burst occur again like a decade ago and many of these chains simply vanish into thin air overnight.

What is your opinion on the recent bubble tea trend? Is there a favourite bubble tea chain that you swear by?

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  1. "taiwan bubble tea"

    Nice sharing. Bubble tea is the famous beverage in Taiwan. There are over 3000 drink shop in this small country. bubble tea is black tea mixed milk and tapioca pearls.


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