My 4th ICT at Changi Naval Base (16 Nov to 3 Dec) - Alvinology

My 4th ICT at Changi Naval Base (16 Nov to 3 Dec)


I will be reporting back to my camp, Changi Naval Base in the next few hours.

This place will be my second home for the next three weeks:

Changi Naval Base (picture via
Changi Naval Base (picture via

This is the second time I am called up for reservist in year 2010. I know SAF’s work-year operates differently and doesn’t start nicely in January, but it is pretty ridiculous to spend more than 6 weeks in a year doing guard duties. Not to mention all the time spent at IPT/RT sessions.

I know there’s no point whining. I should just get it over and done with. Just let me release some steam. Regular readers of my blog will know how much I hate reservist or anything to do with SAF or MINDEF.

Once a year, I am reminded how the nation discriminates against Singaporean males and “punishes” us for being born here.

Freedom and time are the two most important, yet intangible aspects of being human. Money cannot buy you either. Reservist takes both freedom and time away, much like serving a prison sentence in jail.

Anyway, after this ICT, I am left with 6 more. I am slowly counting down with each passing year. This yearly torture will last me at least till I am 36.


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