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World’s Youngest Blogger – Casey Zheng Jia Kai (郑家恺)

World's Youngest Blogger
World's Youngest Blogger

Plugging this for my buddy, Peter, better known by his online nick, Aussie Pete. 🙂 Peter is anticipating the birth of his second child soon and has decided to start a blog for his baby even before he is born (sweet right?).

You can follow the birthy of baby Casey Zheng Jia Kai (郑家恺) on his BLOG or TWITTER, started by her doting dad and mum.

Via Peter’s blog:

World’s Youngest Blogger

You see, this blogger is not even born yet!! The journey started about 9-months ago with his first article simply being a picture of a positive home pregnancy test kit. Since then, there are have been ‘milestone’ updates (such as learning if he was a boy or a girl, first 4D ultrasound videos and more).

Today marks the 37th week of the journey and this little fella now weighs more than 3kg. By all accounts, he is ready to take the final steps into the big wide world, with his Mummy’s doctor saying to be prepared for any day now – head down, in position – the time is nigh!!

After much ‘heated’ discussion with my wife, I will need to secretively hide my iPhone in the bottom of my deepest pocket – I have been told quite clearly that if I’m seen using it to post twitter updates from the delivery suite, it will get embedded in some place much more uncomfortable (and much deeper) than my pocket!!

But rest assured – the updates will come and you can follow the ‘blow by blow’ live action at:

The twitter feeds will also hit the ‘Youngest Blogger’ website as it happens!!

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