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Apple Daily’s CG Tale of Evil Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is evil.
Steve Jobs is evil.

This is hilarious.

Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates is no longer the sole person befitting of the adjective “evil” in the online world. Steve Jobs is here to bring the word “evil” to a whole new level.

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In the CG video, an evil Steve Jobs is seen killing Bill Gates in a Darth Vader outfit and slicing off customers’ fingers for complaining on the antennae problem with the iPhone 4G. Evil Steve Jobs is also seen trampling on competitors’ phone and morphing into a devil.

Wow. Intense.

I really have to take my hats off to the Apple Daily folks for their wild imagination.

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  1. Steve’s display of innovative success was a message to be shared with visual creators, he inspired a generation that is now completely visual in part because his success. If you could repost this message, not just to all of those that create; but also to those who don’t. Jobs provided us with a with a great gift, and ultimate the recipe to success: take a risk and fail at what you absolutely love, and live to tell about it; as long as you’re living through your work, there is absolutely no way you will not succeed.

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