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Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

Restaurant entrance
Restaurant entrance

Rachel and I had ramen at the Beppu ramen restaurant at Tiong Bahru Plaza a few weeks ago. I have tried the ramen at their original outlet at China Square and enjoyed it very much. Hence we decided to give their sister outlet a try.

What I like about Bepu is that you can choose the degree of hotness for your ramen soup, based on the number of chili indicator.

Rachel ordered a sweet corn butter ramen, with zero chili while I ordered a spicy pork ramen with four chili. The last time I ate at Bepu was more than two years ago. I must have forgotten my threshold for the spiciness of their soup – four chili was a tad too hot for me. Otherwise, the ramen were good although the soup flavouring could have been thicker (not referring to the spiciness).

Rachel checking out the wide selection in their menu
Rachel checking out the wide selection in their menu
Rachel's order
Rachel’s order
My order
My order
Restaurant interior
Restaurant interior

I must have looked rather pathetic, gulping down glasses of water, tearing while I “enjoyed” my ramen.

We also ordered a tofu side. Plain water is served at no extra cost and they also provide Japanese peas as starters. The total bill comes to S$22 for two of us. Quite cheap, compared to most other ramen restaurants.

Here’s their address if you are interested:

302 Tiong Bahru Road
#02-16/17 Tiong Bahru Plaza

Tel: +65 6273 0013

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