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Pastor Kong Hee on “Cheap Grace Preachers”

Pastor Kong Hee
Pastor Kong Hee

Videos via unitedontherock. The recordings are described as City Harvest Church‘s Pastor Kong Hee‘s sermon on “cheap grace preachers” at Livets, Ord, Sweden.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Who are these cheap grace preachers that Pastor Kong Hee is slamming? Some of the comments to the two videos  pointed to Pastor Joseph Prince and the New Creation Church.

City Harvest and New Creation are probably the two fastest growing and biggest church congregations in Singapore today. I am an atheist and am unfamiliar with the Christianity world. Are these two churches at loggerhead with each other?

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  1. There will always be competition and discord sowers.

    Whoever made these videos need to be very careful. He/She is not helping one church/condemning another but really causing trouble in the Catholic (as in universal) church.

    In other words, this person is pitching himself against God–which is quite scary if you believe in God.

  2. Love one another as I have loved you….
    There are lots of arguments….
    What does it profit really to gain the world and forfeit His soul…
    The full context of Grace, is that Jesus paid for that…
    Now how people pick up the points of verses from here and there is another thing..proving to what point? it will always be the motive…God see’s the Heart…
    Is it preached out of love or to destroy? House divided??…

  3. grace isn’t cheap. It cost the only Son of God His life!

    He was bruised for our inequities
    And crushed for our transgressions

  4. Senior Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church is preaching against under Grace as cheap.

    Kong Hee has brought heavy baseless judgements upon others condemning them as Cheap Grace Preachers.

    Jack Neo is an active member of City Harvest Church which Pastor Kong Hee preaches that there needs to be a balance to be under Law as well as under Grace. Now Pastor Kong Hee should know that the strength of sin is the Law and not Grace which Kong Hee judges as cheap.

    Jack Neo is under the mixture of Law and Grace preached by Pastor Kong Hee who judges and attacks Grace preachers as cheap. Kong Hee’s pride of openly judging and attacking against the preaching of the True Gospel of Pure Grace could have resulted in Kong Hee’s own follower Jack Neo’s fall.

    Pastor Kong Hee who judges openly and rejects Grace as being cheap could have led Jack Neo to have fallen away from Grace.

    The Bible says, “You who are trying to be justified by Law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from Grace.” Galatians 5:4

    A piece of Gracious advice to Jack Neo that he needs the True Gospel of the Radical Grace of God in Christ Jesus to pick himself up and move on with his walk with his Lord Jesus Christ again. Grace is no longer cheap to Jack Neo now as well as before. Pure Grace will swallow up all of Jack Neo’s sins first and then empower Jack Neo to go and sin no more.

    The Bible says,”Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.” Roman 8:33

    The Bible also says, “For if by the one man’s offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:17

    Pastor Kong Hee, please repent and don’t condemn others using the names of Cheap Grace Preachers for Jesus’ sake. Pastor Kong Hee, please don’t judge others first lest you shall be judged as well. Romans 8:1 says, “There is therefore NOW no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus…”

  5. :: City Harvest Church ::
    About Kong Hee Kong Hee’s Profile Kong Hee’s Biography Itinerary … 2007. Jack Neo. Film Director. Visit to City Harvest Church. 6 April 2007 ” Back to top … media_vip_visits_2000-2007.php – 69k – Cached

    Why was the photograph of Pastor Kong Hee taken with Film Director Jack Neo on 6 April 2007 removed from the above link in Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church’s website?

    It could be Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church does not recognize Jack Neo anymore than in 6 April 2007.

    Kong Hee might rather distance himself from the now Jack Neo probably to maintain his self-righteous image of being a modern day Pharisee.

    Jack Neo should consider leaving Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church for another Mega Church which warmly welcomes Jack Neo with the Unconditional Agape Love of God in Christ Jesus. Amen!

  6. This megachurch pastor is too busy. Got no time to wait for God to give him Devotion word for website so he go copy another person’s work and pass as his own. The evidence is here. Compare his article “Thomas Faith” with the article from Leadership Bible. First two paragraphs is word for word the same.
    Accuse others of cheap grace. but then he? cheat grace pastor? I guess the college where he got his Doctor of Theology in two years forgot to teach him the basic courtesy of acknowledging the work of others.

  7. Pastor Kong is trying to preach against regarding the grace of God as cheap. He feels otherwise, that the grace of God should be valued beyond measure and not exploited, and is hence slamming the “cheap grace pastors” for teaching their members to regard the grace of God as cheap.
    He has never once said that the grace of God is cheap.

    He has already cleared the misunderstanding about his daily devotion, that his daily devotion need not necessarily be written fully by him.

  8. hey mate kong Hee listen here God is the final judge mate spend time with God we are one body shut your month you sow what u reap watch your back mate do not judge joseph prince he spent time with God mate so you must do the same the the enemy satan wants disunity in the body of Christ think before u speak how stupid are u mate putting on youtube God gave u brains used them properly if you disgree that is ok but it is not right to tell the whole world that about your problem & putting them on the internet ok mate spend time with God ask Him what true meaning of grace you are bad example to christianity grow up mate. lastly if have a issue or concern put it in writing instead of telling your issues or problems on the internet.

  9. The Church has to preach the love of God; as God is love and Jesus is the only way; no one comes to the Father except by Jesus; only he keeps us in the love of God;not ourself;being confident of this very thing , he who begun a good work in me will perform it,faithfully is he who called me who also will do it;it is nothing of me but everything of what Jesus has done for me.Jesus payed the the price for sin once for all.They who call on the name shall be saved. We do good works because he first loved us and died to release us from deaths hold on us .Who the son sets free is free indeed. To know the lenght,width,height,detph of Gods love is our desire, this in turn drives us to want to serve and help God to bring people into the saving Grace of Jesus Christ

  10. grace is grace where got cheap or expensive. in which chapter of the bible stated. dont make my toes laugh. remember the bible stated god will blessed those who blessed us and curse those who curse us. ha..ha..ha noty noty

  11. I dislike Pstr Kong Hee because he is always attacking Pstr Prince. He should just leave NCC alone and go preach his own ‘Gospel’. He should stop spewing his out of context allegations. He attacks grace but his own wife needs it ‘coz of her very bad lifestyle testimony. He probably doesn’t attack properity ‘coz he and his wife are living in excess. Such hypocrisy.

  12. Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.

  13. I just want past’s joseph & kong to know how deeply hurt and sad i am to hear these bad and disgraceful reports.For someone like me who got saved from islam,by His grace,it’s sad and hurtful!Jesus said,the world will know my disciples by their love for one another!May His love and grace unite both of u in Him,so that that verse may be a reflection of Jesus to the world.My love to both!

  14. As I read through the comments, one thing pops up into my head.. Does this edify our faith? Does it glorify the Lord? We are here not to judge one another but to love as He first loved us UNCONDITIONALLY. I remembered what Paul said with the Corinthians- it doesn’t matter if its Paul or Appolos – It’s all about Jesus. May He be glorifed and all men bow down before Him.

  15. It kind of funny that an “atheist” interested in comparing religious leaders. I suggest you attend one of the preacher’s service (maybe not Kong hee since he has been suspended) & evaluate their believe or character with open mind first.

  16. Ah beng: don’t be kuku lah. I never attended either. If I go movie watch Passion of Christ then I cannot be an atheist? If I flip flip a bible for fun in a hotel room or at a bookshop I can’t be an atheist. You are the kuku who need to have an open mind first. Thank you.

  17. This is rediculous!

    All of you selling out for the “good news”
    Alternate good news dosnt mean it is the good news Jesus proclaimed. It’s a theory for the lazy not willing to accept the enabling grace of God.
    A great way to fill the church with flakey Christians that deny the power of God.
    We will see you in heaven sure you’ll make it, but I guess by the “radical” grace hopefully no shock to why your character is so poor.
    That’s a peasent Christianity, get a valences doctrine and stop following a feel good fad.

    Build the church and stop harrassing heroes of the faith like Kong Hee.

  18. Pastor Kong Hee too has lots of skeletons in his cupboard. The One and only who gives Grace is the Lord Himself. As far as many churches are concerned today, money making ventures are the norm and Pastor J. Prince is not the only one in it. Pastors, evangelists, preachers etc. are all people just like anyone else. They are not fault free. Once monetary ideas come in, apart from money to assist the destitute, the homeless, the unemployed etc., there is NO Jesus present. Where materialistic/monetary gains exist to gratify the senses, God will be completely absent. Only gullible people fall for fraud preachers.

  19. Money is the root of all evil. Preaching can be done by anybody because no effort is required. Good actions should be the norm as good actions show what is right. Many preachers & pastors are only interested in how much money they make. Even in Islam, there are many fake imams, all out for money. Datuk Seri Najib Razak is one fine example of a big time scammer. Preaching every Sunday in a church & driving around in a Mercedes Benz Sports is common these days. As Pembadu Peters mentioned, many people can quite easily fall for fraud preachers.

  20. There are far too many fraud preachers everywhere, all with the main intention of making money out of the church. Kong Hee is no exception. Those who talk much are less likely to put what they preach into action.You don’t take out your Bible & preach to a starving man.You buy him some food instead. Likewise too, preaching to a homeless man is a waste of time. Get him a roof over his head & feed him. Kong Hee & Sun Ho have both abused the church in using church funds for themselves. If Sun Ho wants to shimmy shiki her arse around, she should join Kayne West and Nicki Minaj, rather than take money from the church. Joseph Prince is a smooth talker too. Let us see what his preaching does for him & his church.

  21. Kong Hee talking about cheap grace preachers when he himself is a fucked up arsehole pastor ! Holding his Bible in one hand & stealing money from the church at the same time. Perhaps Kong Hee had his cock wedged up Benny Hinn’s arse when City Harvest Church was scammed ! “Sorry”, says Kong Hee. Yes, Kong Hee can put all that money he stole, back into the church. Then only he can apologise. Until that day, Kong Hee is perhaps one of the biggest cunt preachers the world has ever seen.

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