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Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. 🙂

Whether you are a regular reader or a first time visitor, I, Alvin Lim (Alvinology) needs your help.

You see, I was racking my brain juices for the past month, thinking of the best way to propose to my girlfriend of two years, Rachel Chan. How should a self-professed geek like me propose?

Online of course!

Rachel and I met working at an online portal, Youth.SG and our initial contacts were via long MSN sessions late at night. Even the solitaire ring I will be proposing with is bought online.

That’s how Project R came about: Project Rachel.

Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - AlvinologyHere’s how you can help me:

Being a firm supporter and user of online social media, I am leaving my happiness to everyone to viral this message below to my wife-to-be:

“Rachel, will you marry me? I am waiting for your answer at a secret location. To find me, you need to unlock a series of clues which showcase my five resolutions to you. The first clue is in a video posted on my blog. I will be waiting for you till you show up.”

[youtube url=””]

You can help me spread this on your blog, twitter, facebook, friendster of whatever other social media channels as long as it reaches people who knows Rachel personally and can inform her about this. If you know Rachel personally, you can do the same plus SMS, MMS, email her so she is swarmed with hundreds of proposal messages. A thousand and one proposal messages will be romantic isn’t it? Just leave the number 1001 for me.

Right-click to save
Right-click to save

If you wish to provide me with additional support for this wedding proposal, here’s a banner I have created for you to post on your blog, websites or anywhere else online and link back to this blog.

Oh! Btw, if you are wondering why I chose to propose on this date, 26 October happens to be both, Rachel and my birthday.

I will be carrying my laptop around and will be LIVE updating everyone on the progress via this blog and my Twitter account, including uploading photos and information about my five resolutions as Rachel solves them one by one.

Wish me luck and a big thank you to all!

Alvin would especially like to thank, Ping.SG, and Youth.SG for providing me with precious web banners today for this proposal.

Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - Alvinology Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - Alvinology Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - Alvinology Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - Alvinology

I would also like to thank all my friends and colleagues who helped me to plan and execute this wedding proposal – you know who you are, I will not reveal your names now so as not to spoil the surprise for Rachel.


Resolution 1 Solved:

Alvin promises to pamper and love Rachel, paying close attention to all her needs and whims.

Q: The message is embedded in the video above.

A: “Look for your closest colleague” – Wei Chian.

Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - Alvinology

Alvin presents Rachel: A portrait he painstakingly hand drawn with attention to the smallest details.

Resolution 2 Solved:

Alvin promises Rachel a lifetime of adventures, just like that sweet old man in their favourite movie, UP.

Q: Someone in omy

A: Connie Woo who shares the same birthday with Rachel and Alvin.

Photo album

Alvin presents Rachel: A photo album detailing the three countries they traveled together to – Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

Resolution 3Solved:

Alvin promises to lavish and shower Rachel with gifts, presents and all that money can buy.

Q: Someone who taught you before.

A: Alvin’s mom who taught Rachel dressmaking.

Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - Alvinology

Alvin presents Rachel: A joint account, Alvin’s two other bank accounts. Alvin’s money is now also Rachel’s money.

Resolution 4Solved:

Alvin promises to keep the romance alive in his relationship with Rachel, even when they are old and wrinkly.

Q: Someone who we traveled with before.

A: Mark and Meiyen who went Japan with us early this year.

Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - Alvinology

Alvin presents Rachel: A bouquet of flowers. Yes, it’s cliche, but it is still romantic.

Resolution 5Solved:

Alvin promises to grow old with Rachel. Please be mine. 🙂

Solitaire ring

Alvin presents Rachel: A diamond ring.

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  1. this is so romantic! it will definitely be a success!! jiayou jiayou! i m looking forward to seeing your wedding photos!!!!!!

  2. Wow…

    I am a silent observer but this is sure one very interesting post!

    Keep it up Alvin! u are a real Romantic and Congrats in advance! 🙂

  3. I usually don’t do this, but I have to credit your efforts. Make sure you prepare your analytics so that you can know what happened.


    Your wife is lucky. Congratulations!

  4. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS, to MR. & MRS. LIM~!! =DD Nopes, I didn’t copy and paste that ok~!! haha. It’s a sincere blessing and joy from deep down my heart~!! Feel so happy for both of you. =DD

  5. dude, i am obviously a technology laggard. i just came across this. i am really happy for you two. your love is great 🙂

  6. Wah… why rachel still needs to much clue to be proposed by you? Sorry i missed that event, but anyway how it happened, Congrats!

    Thanks Rachel for adopting our poor Alvin the geek! Hahah!!

  7. Hi Alvin, am really impressed by you. 🙂 A very touching proposal. I wish both you and your Rachel a long and blissful marriage. 😉

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