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Wu Baiwei (吴白玮) vs Susan Boyle

Battle of the grandmothers
Battle of the grandmothers

This year is the year of the grandmother singers.

Following closely after the worldwide sensation caused by Britain’s Got Talent 2009 contestant, Susan Boyle, comes Wu Baiwei (吴白玮), a 79-year-old contestant in China’s Happy Girls 《快乐女声》.

You can check out their two videos between and make the respective comparison. 🙂

Susan Boyle:
[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/v/deRF9oEbRso&hl=en&fs=1″]

Wu Baiwei (吴白玮):
[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2628927&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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  1. What can i say ?? Susan Boyle is a long way better than this woman. Honestly, a woman at my church sings better than this woman , eventhough, i guess they are at the same age.

  2. wa my distant grandma is famous? same surname as me.

    u can’t say Susan is a grandma, technically she’s single, she had been all her life

  3. As a westerner it is not possible to understrand how well a song is sung when it is in a different language. 79 years is not too old for singing but I though that Wu Baiwei did a good job. I was especially inpressed with the amount of respect that was shown to her by the judging panel. My preference is still for Susan Boyle.

  4. There is something that this year has taught me is not to judge a book by it’s cover. To do so now will make me an ass. Today is the first time I ever heard of This woman Wu Baiwei. I would like to hear more of her. I would like to say People that does not even know English got the goosebumps just listening to Boyle’s singing. For someone to have that “Goosebump” factor would be great.
    so far this woman didn’t give me them. Then again people would not b comparing her for nothing. I would love to hear her on stage with song backing.

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