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Uniqlo Surprise

Uniqlo Jackpot
Uniqlo Jackpot

Here’s something fun for those of you who likes the Uniqlo brand – a “Uniqlo Surprise” jackpot game! Each registered user gets two tries a day. Wins include a holiday trip to Japan and 50% off at Uniqlo.

I have only been “winning” their ringtones and wallpapers so far… my friend, Melvin managed to win the 50% off voucher though. He went on a crazy buying spree after that.

For the uninformed, Uniqlo is the leading casual wear brand in Japan and has just opened their first store in Singapore a few weeks ago at Tampines 1. You can read more about it in my previous blog entry, HERE. 🙂

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  1. wah, news travel fast hor? either that or Rachel is writing your entries for you! hahaha

    anyway, yes do be patient and you can win big!

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