Taiwan model, Yao Yao (瑶瑶)'s commmercial gets banned in Taiwan for shaking her boobs too vigorously - Alvinology

Taiwan model, Yao Yao (瑶瑶)’s commmercial gets banned in Taiwan for shaking her boobs too vigorously


[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/v/mj6Uyal9gbE&hl=en&fs=1″]

I find this news report very funny. Taiwan’s authorities are clamping down on exploitative cybergame ads that feature scantily dressed women in provocative poses or chanting suggestive slogans.

I wonder why they mosaic all the female breasts in the news report. Don’t you think it makes the ads look even more sleazy?

Yao Yao's 殺online wallpaper
Yao Yao’s 殺online wallpaper
Huge pair of jugs
Huge pair of jugs

Anyway, I did some research about Yao Yao (瑶瑶) – she’s the ambassador for a Hokkien MMORPG  game called “殺online”. The problematic ads were the ones she did to promote this game. From her pictures, Yao Yao does have an impressive pair of knockers which she is milking to the fullest potential, judging from her stage name and the kind of ads she chooses to appear in.

Yao Yao promoting the game
Yao Yao promoting the game

Sex sells. I guess this is especially so when your target audience is a group of male-dominant, teenage gaming geeks with raging hormones who spend too much time on the computer. 🙂

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  1. yeaks got a variety show call wan quan yu le invite a fortune teller to tell about the celebrites thing and they ask yao yao can popular until when and it is when she is 21 yrs old she will not be popular ya ! 2011 haha !!! she sucks ok!

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