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Singapore landlord turned pimp

The landlords girls
The landlord's girls

A reader emailed me about this really funny online pimp website (defunct) a few days ago… but I was too busy to blog about it. It was set up by a guy who claimed he’s a landlord in Singapore, trying to help out 13 of his China female tenants earn some extra cash to make ends meet.

The website provided provocative nude and semi-nude photos of all the 13 girls; their vital statistics; age; name and even handphone numbers to call and make appointment directly!

This news story was featured in omy today – you can read more about it HERE. There’s even a recorded phone conversation between a journalist and one of the girls called Nana.

I don’t know if this “kind-hearted” landlord-turned-pimp is telling the truth, but I won’t be surprise if he was. The recession has affected everyone. With Singaporeans having less spare cash, luxury services like prostitution should naturally see a decline in patronage. This would translate to stiffer competition for a smaller pool of willing buyers.

Tough times call for desperate measures. That’s probably why these 13 girls and this landlord guy took the risk to expose their identities, illegally soliciting online.

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  1. Go Geylang walked, and many very beautiful girls standing there but few people take.

    But still pretty good place to feel the crowd and see funny things. LOL~

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