The Singapore Women Everest Team (SWET) sets off for Everest this morning - Alvinology

The Singapore Women Everest Team (SWET) sets off for Everest this morning

Headed to Everest
Headed to Everest

The Singapore Women Everest Team (SWET) finally set off today to attempt their conquest of Mt. Everest after four years in preparation, training and fund-raising. Sincerely wish them success in their expedition! 🙂

One of my good friend and ex-colleague, Esther is in the team. It has been an arduous journey for them, even before the climb – the difficulty they faced in raising fund for the expedition; balancing work-life and training commitments; members splintering off. Yet these six iron ladies were able to overcome all odds to come this far. My utmost respect.

Being able to make this expedition come true is an everest climb in it’s own way. Not many people can put four  years of their lives whole-heartedly preparing for something which may not even materialise.

新加坡女子登山队: 加油!

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