James Wongs Dragonball Massacre

James Wong's Dragonball Massacre

I just watched the movie adaption of Akira Toriyama‘s cult classic manga/anime series, Dragonball. The movie is directed by a Hong Kong dude called James Wong (黃毅瑜) who developed his career in Hollywood making crass movies like The One and Final Destination.

I went into the cinema hall at 9.55pm and was out by 11.20pm. The movie is less than one and a half hour long! Yet it felt like five hours of pain watching how James Wong massacred the original characters and storyline.

Honestly, nothing of it resembles the original Dragonball by Akira Toriyama at all – sans the names of the characters and the seven dragonballs.

I knew it will be bad before I went to watch it; judging from the movie posters, trailer and reviews. However, I did not expect it to be THIS BAD.

It’s bad enough that James Wong cast a Caucasian (Justin Chatwin) into the lead role of Son Goku (he should be Asian), worse still, he revamped Goku’s character from a simpleton who grew up in the jungle into a high school student in the city.

Goku’s tail was also snipped off by the director and all the animal characters in the manga were killed off. Yumcha got transformed into a ABC-slang goon; Master Roshi lost his turtle shell; Qiqi became a slut who like showing off her boobies; these are just to name a few of James Wong’s sins. I haven’t even gone on to attack the storyline which got rewritten into a high school romance drama between Goku and Qiqi!

I m very pissed with James Wong for massacring the first live-action Dragonball movie. So much so that I have created a facebook group called the “We HATE James Wong Union” to boycott all his future films. If you are a Dragonball fan too, please join this group and let 20th Century Fox and James Wong know that Dragonball fans are no pushovers and will not be suckled into buying tickets to watch crap from now on.

Public Enemy No.1 for all Dragonball fans worldwide

Public Enemy No.1 for all Dragonball fans worldwide

One last warning/reminder – if you have not seen Dragonball Revolution yet, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE even if you are given free tickets. It totally sucks and will make  you cringe and rage for days after. Take it from someone who went through the traumatic experience.

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