LaMB poster

LaMB poster

Being quite an otaku and a manga/anime fanatic, I am going to try my luck for this blogging contest organised by Animax to publicise a cool new anime, LaMB.

To qualify, contestants are to blog a minimum of four articles based on a list of eight LaMB-related topics provided by Animax. Being a typical kiasu Singaporean, I am going to attempt all the topics. 🙂

Not just that… as I am flying off to Japan in approximately, four hours times, I need to blog really fast too. I have to reach the airport at 11pm – which means I have to leave home at 10pm… leaving me only *gasp* less than half an hour to blog.

Moreover, the deadline is 31 Jan 2009 (today)!

Anyway I am always gamed for challenges; here goes:

* The story of LaMB takes place on the planet Cerra. Do you believe that life forms exist on other planets?

Yes, why not? Extra-terrestrial beings have been living amongst us since prehistoric times. Didn’t you watch MIB or MIB2? I mean… look at Michael Jackson – how can he NOT be from another planet?

* In LaMB, the process of lamination was first invented to preserve beauty until it evolved into a form of imprisonment. Would you commit a crime to stay young and beautiful?

This is a tough one cos I have never been “young and beautiful” to begin with (particularly the word “beautiful”).  If the crime is a small one like jaywalking, spitting on the floor, chewing gums or littering (all chargeable offences in stiff and strict Singapore where we have laws for everything), I will do it. Murder, arson, rape and all the hardcore stuff at the other end of the crime spectrum – a definite no-no. I am a peace-loving guy, even if it means I will have to be less beautiful.

* Lamination is considered a form of recycling by the Central Administration Bureau of Cerra (CABC). If you worked for the CABC, what other policies would you implement to help preserve the environment?

Perhaps banning private automobiles may be a cool policy. If everyone in the world were to give up their cars and commute via public transport, imagine the amount of energy consumption saved! Not just that, the road will be less congested, air less polluted and traffic accidents may even fall to near zero. It won’t be possible in the real world as it will cost millions of job lost for those working in the automobile and its related industries. The world economy may even crumble. Then again, it’s a cool thing to imagine.

* LaMBs cannot speak nor do they have free will. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you couldn’t speak up or express yourself?

Yes I have. I only started learning to speak English properly when I was about seven years old in Primary One. My early childhood years, I often find myself being slighted and marginalised by the other cool kids who can speak English at an earlier age while I was only conversant in Mandarin. Fast forward two decades, I am proud that I am one of the rare bilingual Singaporeans who are conversant in both their mother tongue (Mandarin for me) and English. Most of those snobby kids grew up to be “bananas”  (yellow on the outside; white on the inside) who totally can’t utter even a word in mother tongue.

* If you were given access to a LaMB, what tasks would you have it perform for you? You will need to refer the LaMB Rules on

The rules are quite long! Here’s the list:

1. LaMBs cannot touch another human being unless ordered by their Shepherd.
2. LaMBs must only act upon instructions of their Shepherds.
3. LaMBs cannot speak but they can hear.
4. Every LaMB’s neck brace and in-ear nano-chips are combined to translate the Shepherd’s instructions into physical actions.
5. LaMBs will receive deep electrocution pain if they attack another human being.
6. LaMBs do not have any facial expression as their facial nerve signals are constrained.
7. LaMBs’ eyes glow red when their lamination suit electrocutes them.
8. LaMBs do not need food. The survive on a special fluid that provides energy and nutrients.
9. LaMBs cannot charge themselves. Only Shepherds can charge the LaMBs’ power system.
10. LaMB technology metabolizes human waste and converts them into H2O, which dissipates through the suit.
11. LaMBs will be assigned to Shepherds by Central Administration Bureau of Cerra (CABC)
12. Only elite organizations and highest-level missions will receive the aid of the enhanced LaMBs.
13. Lamination suits are water-proof, strength-enhancing and highly heat resistant.
14. Lamination takes seven days to complete.
15. De-lamination is possible and takes 28 days to complete.
16. All LaMBs do not need physical clothing and are allowed to be seen in public in their original lamination suits.

Having read through the list, since the LaMB cannot help me attack people I hate… maybe I will used it as a personal slave then. I can deploy to do household chores for me, run errands, etc… Rather cool. Maybe I can set up a maid agency and farm out LaMBs as domestic helpers.

* Choose a side. Are you for or against lamination?

I am for. It’s a cool technology (if you ignore the humanity aspect of it that is).

* If you had to choose a theme song for LaMB, which song would you choose, which band would you have perform it and why?

I would choose the theme music from the movie, The Silence of the Lambs. The creepy tune has no lyrics though… but it will be cool if we can get someone equally creepy cool like Johnny Depp to sing it.

* If a live action movie of LaMB was to be produced, who would you like to see play the starring roles of Eve and Jack and why?

Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp – cos they are both creepy cool!

Okay I finished blogging about all the topics! Signing off now! Wish me a great trip to Japan! 🙂 To find out more about the LaMB anime, you can visit the official Asia website HERE.

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